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Khurasan Miniatures: The Khura-Funder

Khurasan Miniatures haben ihr eigenes Finanzierungsprojekt in Form einer Vorbestellung gestartet.

Khurasan Miniatures The Khura Funder 01

Coming this week! The first of our crowdfunding projects. Help make the moulds for the 28mm Felids! Details soon ….

Khurasan Miniatures The Khura Funder 02

Khurasan miniatures will be running its first crowdfunding project starting Tuesday, May 19, to raise $2700 to have the moulds made for our 28mm Felid tigrid aliens. (The moulds won’t cost that much but we need that amount of pre-orders to pay for the moulds.)

Rather than using crowdfunding platforms we’re running it more as a pre-order that will immediately refund to you if the threshold amount of pre-orders isn’t reached by June 19. If it is reached, we are then pledging to you that we will ship by August 19. That is plenty of time for us.

This has many advantages over other crowdfunders:

1. you know exactly what you’re getting — no more disappointment that the models aren’t like the cool concept art
2. If you don’t get what you pledged, you paid through PayPal so you can just put in a dispute. (However by pledging you’re agreeing not to put in a dispute unless the models haven’t shipped by August 19)
3. No interminable delays — the wait for your models to ship will be *no longer than* three months from the start of the crowd funder

You may ask, why are you doing this if you’ve already had the models made? Simple—$1300 for mouldmaking is quite a lot of money! Better to know now if there’s sufficient interest in the range.

Look for our launch announcement on Tuesday ….

Khurasan Miniatures The Khura Funder 03

The Khura-Funder for the 28mm Felids is LIVE!


Please help us create the moulds for these Tigrid aliens in carapace armour.

Pre-order the sets at a low discount price — if we reach the needed amount by June 19 the moulds will be made and the models will ship by August 19. If we don’t reach that amount by June 19, your money will be refunded.

Thanks for your support!


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