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Infinity: Februar Neuheiten

Corvus Belli zeigen was im Februar neues für Infinity kommt.

Infinity Februar Releases 2

Agents of the Human Sphere. RPG Characters Set

An Infinity Code alert status describes a situation in which the Human Sphere is bogged down in a cold war where action is developed through covert operations. The real actors of an Infinity Code situation include not only those belonging to the military or intel services, but also a plethora of different kinds of agents that powers use from the shadows to protect their interests.

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Mukhtar, Active Response Unit (Boarding Shotgun)

The prestigious Mukhtar (the Chosen Ones) Quick Response Unit is made up entirely of members of the Saeiqa (Lightning) Program. This is a Supersoldier Program that has a strict and severe selection process: it only admits Ghulam veterans who have participated in several campaigns and who know many dirty tricks. However, despite the exceptional physical conditioning granted by the Saeiqa Program, the effectiveness of these troops is not based on their bodily improvements, but on their tactical skills, a knowledge acquired the hard way—the worst way of all. The Saeiqa Supersoldier Program only targets veteran troops with an impressive campaign record who also belong to units disbanded for having suffered too many casualties to rebuild them. This recruitment system generates a group of hardened soldiers who have been part of regiments whose cohesion as a unit has been broken. They are troops who appreciate being given the opportunity to strike back at their enemies. This forms a core of very experienced soldiers with well-demonstrated loyalty and great tenacity, but above all a group very familiar with the concept of revenge. They all have outstanding bills to collect, and the firm determination to do so. Their history as Haqqislamite professional soldiers has marked them with fire, and has made them very clear on a number of things: that the enemy is out there, that there are battles to be fought, comrades to avenge, and people to protect. That’s why the Mukhtar are always ready and prepared. That’s why they always answer the call of duty. And that’s why they will always do everything necessary to fulfil the mission.

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Intel Spec-Ops (Heavy Pistol, Sniper)

In times before the re-contact with the Sphere, the Stavka did not need an Intelligence Department. The only external enemy was the Antipodes, and the Ariadnan Joint Command managed all information gained about these creatures from patrols and exploratory missions. In addition, each of the four nations forming Ariadna had its own agency; in the multi-regional power game of Ariadna, the main task of these departments was to spy on their neighbors. But with the arrival of the powers of the Sphere in the Dawn system, the situation changed radically. The Commercial Conflicts proved the need for an agency under direct command of the Stavka. The external enemies had multiplied and any one of them was more powerful and had better resources than Ariadna dared imagine. That is the reason why the Intelligence Department of the Stavka started to recruit all the promising operatives found amongst the Ariadnan forces, no matter their nation of origin, as the enemy was a common one. When a soldier proves his tactical capacity and talent for subterfuge, he is claimed by the Department, becoming an Intel, an Intelligence operative of a special type. Working in secret for the Ariadnan three-colored flag, Intels will do anything to protect their nation from any enemy. And on a planet that’s one big savage frontier, where quick and expeditious decisions are the ones that keep you alive, the expression „anything“ acquires a special meaning.

Infinity Februar Releases 7

The Umbra

The Umbra. One of the most dangerous, murderous races in the entire universal warriorhood. Mysterious martial artists from an unidentified planet, the Umbra have been the scourge of the cosmos for ages. Subjugated, dominated or seduced by the EI, they have become its field assistants, a conduit through which the Evolved Intelligence makes its wishes known. They serve as the EI’s heralds, enforcers, mediators, lieutenants, judges, executioners and right-hand men. Their political and military specialty is trouble, and the causing and suppressing thereof. Brought forth by the darkness, these cruel entities hold a fearsome power that the EI harnesses to inflict the worst punishments and lead mass destruction operations as their wrath seethes unmeasurably.

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  • Tatsächlich fand ich die letzten Veröffentlichungen von CB alle garnicht sooo toll, zumindest nicht so toll wie sonst. 😀
    Irgendwer bei CB scheint ein faible für Pistolen entwickelt zu haben.

  • Endlich mal wieder ein günstiger Monat – von den Minis brauch einfach mal nix, aber die Aristea Box Double Trouble werde ich mir dafür gönnen.

    Der Mukhtar hat leider ein seltsame Yoga Pose, oder will sein Medikit in den Sand drücken…
    Die RPG Typen sind durchwachsen und die Spec OP Lady ist das Highlight des Monats – so geht Ausdruck und Pose cool!

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