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Imperial Terrain: IT4 Recon Ship

Imperial Terrain veröffentlicht das IT4 Recon Ship.

Imperial Terrain IT4 Recon Ship Imperial Terrain IT4 Recon Ship2 Imperial Terrain IT4 Recon Ship3 Imperial Terrain IT4 Recon Ship4 Imperial Terrain IT4 Recon Ship5 Imperial Terrain IT4 Recon Ship6

Imperial Terrain – IT4 Recon Ship – STL – 5,00 USD

The IT4 Recon Ship has seen recent upgrades due to the need for cheap, fast, and flexible reconnaissance ship platforms. Vando Industries was tasked with using Commercial Off the Shelf equipment to modify the previous generation IT 4 reconnaissance space craft.

The updated IT4 has a higher level of detail, accessories that we recommend to print separately at a lower layer height (.1 Layer Height) , and modularity. The Left mounting points on the new ship can be coupled with a sensor pod or fuel pod. You can mix and match to have 2x Fuel Pods or 2x Sensor Pods or one of each.

These terrain files are sized around 32mm and are designed for you to 3d print at home on your own printer without using supports. Customers have used these exact STL files for wargames like Star Wars: Legion, Infinity, and Necromunda. If you play other games with this terrain, we would love to show your photos and hobbied prints so drop us a line! Never know there may be rewards!

PETG is increasingly hard to come by. For the month of May our contribution to the Beat The Hell Outta Rona efforts will be to donate May’s profits of the IT Recon Ship STL file sale to Front Line Foods.

Front Line Foods‘ mission is to support local restaurants by providing meals to health care professionals working the front line.

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(20% off excludes purchase of Cochin Miniatures and Build A Bundle products. Expires May 6)

Link: Imperial Terrain

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