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Durgin Paint Forge: Previews

Durgin Paint Forge nutzt die Zeit um Previews zu teilen und selbst etwas zu basteln…

Durgin Paint Forge Hounds Of Zorn

Durgin Paint Forge – Hounds of Zorn

Ok, maybe this year has not started as we expected, but the Metropolitan Police Department of Zorn is here to rescue you!
In today’s post I take a look at the first wip of these new Dwarf characters.
Beware, filthy criminals (and too ambitious individuals that risk to mess with the Guilds‘ interests…), because you can’t hide from the short, but extremely efficient, arm of the law!

Durgin Paint Forge Great Master Galarr Durgin Paint Forge Great Master Galarr2 Durgin Paint Forge Great Master Galarr3 Durgin Paint Forge Great Master Galarr4 Durgin Paint Forge Great Master Galarr5

Durgin Paint Forge – Great master Galarr

Oh oh oh!
I’ve finally made the scenic base for Great master Galarr (indeed, he was a bit nervous for not having a proper base)!
I’ve experimented a lot with this scene, taking many references from the amazing art of his divine majesty Paul Bonner! I wanted a kind of Scandinavian vibe and I’m quite happy with the result, especially for what concerns those runic stones that have been lovingly sculpted by me (I honestly didn’t expect such a result, considering my skills with putty!)
With this guy, I’ve finally completed all the Dwarves I’ve painted ‚till now, so it’s time to start a new character: the Goiko demon hunter
Hope you like it!

Durgin Paint Forge Sentinel C Durgin Paint Forge Sentinel C2 Durgin Paint Forge Sentinel C3 Durgin Paint Forge Sentinel C4

Durgin Paint Forge – Sentinel C

I’m on fire
I’ve managed to paint another base, now my collection of fully painted Dwarves raised to…four
This year I want to paint more, indeed u__u
Talking about the new addition, I really enjoyed to paint the Sentinel C base: I wanted a big contrast between warm tones (of the Dwarf) and cold tones (on the base), and I make another experiment with Prochima water effect.
The result is nice, but still I have to improve a lot 
I’m waiting for the Vallejo Water Texture to make a nice textured surface u__u
Hope you like it!

Durgin Paint Forge Dwarf Durgin Paint Forge Dwarf3 Durgin Paint Forge Dwarf4

Durgin Paint Forge – Dwarf

After a shameful amount of time, I’ve managed to finish another Dwarf!
This base has been a real challenge, and many things can be improved, but I’m overall happy with the result!
This is my very first experiment with a bi-component water effect (in specific, Prochima one), and for sure the round shape of the plinth and the bridge above didn’t make my life easier with it  I hope you like it!
Durgin Paint Forge Elf Warrior Monk Preview Durgin Paint Forge Elf Warrior Monk Preview2 Durgin Paint Forge Elf Warrior Monk Preview3

Durgin Paint Forge – Elf Warrior Monk Preview

A new Elf character has been designed to explore our new range: the Elf Warrior-Monk (or something like that!).
He mastered the Karatelf and he graduated in the Tiger Crane style.
Who can challenge him?! Who can beat the art of Karatelf?!
Maybe, a disciple of the holy art of Taekwoond-orc!
(sorry, the 2 weeks of quarantine are demanding their price..)

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  • Wirklich tolle Zwerge und Sculpts. Richtig schön traditionell. Ich kann mich zum Beispiel mit der (nicht mehr ganz so) neuen Ausrichtung der „Steampunk-Zwerge“ bei GW nicht anfreunden. Das hier sind für mich die klassischen Fantasy-Zwerge, wie man sie sich immer traditionellerweise vorgestellt hat. In toller Ausführung. Und auf tollen Bases.

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