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Demons of the Spoiled Realm: Kickstarter läuft

Bei Kickstarter werden ein paar Old-School-Dämonen finanziert.

HgH Demons Of The Spoiled Realm 1

Hobgoblin Hobbies Presents: Demons of the Spoiled Realm

Welcome to the kickstarter campaign for Demons of the Spoiled Realm! A selection of  weird and wonderfully strange miniatures that would work great in all sorts of fantasy wargames and roleplay games!

With your help we will add to our new range of miniatures with these putrid monsters, and potentially several more of their noxious friends. All these miniatures were lovingly sculpted by hand by Jason Fairclough, and will be cast in high quality metal and resin. Providing we exceed our goal you can keep your eyes peeled for some delightfully unholy stretch goals!

The Miniatures

The Noxious 9 – Lower Festering Demons 

Nine 28mm scale metal Demons – we currently have the sculpts masted in Resin and ready to send for metal casting

HgH Demons Of The Spoiled Realm 2

The Putrid Princes

Two larger resin demons, perfect to lead your unholy troop!

HgH Demons Of The Spoiled Realm 3


You can add a set of three of these ogre sized demons to your pledge for £21, or a single Toagre for £8.

HgH Demons Of The Spoiled Realm 4

Stretch Goals

Providing we exceed our goal we have more figures and extras planned! These will become available to add to your pledge once the following goals have been exceeded.

  • £1000 – Toagres – Toad Ogre Demons
  • £1500 – Resin Masters of the 9 Demons – 10 sets available
  • £2000 – The Fetid Five – 5 more lower festering Demons

You can add extra sets, and stretch goal figures not included in your reward level! To add these to your reward simply add the amount shown in the corresponding image to your pledge. Please add the funds to your pledge during the campaign. Shortly after the kickstarter has finished we will send a survey to find out which specific sets you wanted.


As always we will charge postage post kickstarter when the parcels are ready for shipping.  We ship globally but we don’t charge shipping until after you Kickstarter pledge is packaged up and ready to go.  We use Royal Mail untracked unless you request tracked in the survey. We will post to your PayPal address so please check it is up to date!

Who are Hobgoblin Hobbies?

We are a new resin casting company started by Jamie Loft of the OS Miniature company and Jason Fairclough of ThunderChild miniatures. Alongside fulfilling miniature production for our regular ranges, Hobgoblin Hobbies presents us with an awesome opportunity to work on some unique collaborations which are a little different to our usual work, like this!

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