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Deep Cut Studio: Neuheiten

Von Deep Cut Studio kommen eine Matte für Labyrinth und neue Dice Trays.

DCS Game Mat – Labyrinth 1 DCS Game Mat – Labyrinth 2 DCS Game Mat – Labyrinth 3 DCS Game Mat – Labyrinth 4 DCS Game Mat – Labyrinth 5 DCS Game Mat – Labyrinth 6

Game mat – Labyrinth – 23,90

Official licensed game mat for Labyrinth board game
– size 56×56 cm

Mousepad mat:
– Made from synthetic cloth with a 2mm thick rubber foam backing
– The paint are soaked into the material and will never scratch or fade off
– Non slippery backing to keep the mat on the table
– Instant mat flatness and smooth gaming surface
– Soft rubber foam allows to pick the cards easy and roll the dice without a sound
– The choice for a premium gaming table

Available with highlighted areas for cards or as artistic version of the game board.

Außerdem gibt es Dice Trays für diverse Rollenspielklassen:

DCS Dice Tray – Barbarian DCS Dice Tray – Bard DCS Dice Tray – Cleric DCS Dice Tray – Druid DCS Dice Tray – Fighter DCS Dice Tray – Monk DCS Dice Tray – Paladin DCS Dice Tray – Ranger DCS Dice Tray – Sorcerer DCS Dice Tray – Thief DCS Dice Tray – Warlock DCS Dice Tray – Wizard

Dice tray – 6,90

Dice trays – because each roll matters.
– Made from mousepad (aka neoprene) material with high quality print
– The paint are soaked into the material and will never scratch or fade off
– Non-slip backing to keep the tray on the table just at the right spot
– High quality plastic snaps make it ready to use in a matter of seconds
– Can be rolled or folded for the ease of storage and transportation
– 20 x 20 cm in size (unfolded)

Quelle: Deep Cut Studio


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