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Creatures of Cromsfall

Iä, Iä, ihr kennt die Abläufe. Es wird wieder Zeit für Große Alte bei Kickstarter

Greetings Weirdlings! My name is Leavon, a sculptor at Spare Oom Studio, and with your help, I’m hoping to summon a number of unspeakable horrors into our realm!

CREATURES OF CROMSFALL is a Lovecraft inspired  3D printable miniatures and bigatures Kickstarter, although these foul creatures can be used with any gaming system. The Elder Gods have been working through me for some time now, conjuring dark visions that I feel compelled to sculpt. The initial aberrations were of 3 epic scale monsters, but these manifestations have continued to plague me and I know that I must share more of these abominations with the world, perhaps in the form of stretch goals…..

This campaign is for the digital STL files, not physical products.

There are 3 core creatures in the project:

  • Cthulhu
  • Hound of Tindalos
  • Proto Shoggoth

These are highly detailed epic monsters and are designed to be printed large! The models will be split and keyed to facilitate easier printing.

For those  who wish to game with the models, merely shrinking detailed models doesn’t work very well so I will be supplying variant sculpts with detail optimised for 32mm scale.

All STL’s will be checked for errors and test printed prior to release.

The Cthulhu model below was printed on an Elegoo Mars and Prusa i3. I’ll replace the Hound and Shoggoth renders with photos during the course of the campaign.

Und um diese Modelle geht es:

SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 0 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 2 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 3 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 4


SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 5

Hound of Tindalos

SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 6

Proto Shoggoth

Stretch Goals:

There are a bunch of awesome stretch goals which, when unlocked, will swell the ranks of the Creatures of Cromsfall! The creatures are just concepts at the moment and 2 of them will be decided by you, the project backers. If unlocked it will take some time to sculpt and test print them, so the stretch goals will be delivered in 3 waves.

For stretch goals that are marked „Add on“ then you will need to add £4 to you pledge for each of the monsters that you would like. There will be no more than 3 Add on Stretch goals.

SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 7

SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 8 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 9 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 10 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 11 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 12 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 13 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 14 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 15 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 16 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 17 SOS Creatures Of Cromsfall 18

I’m really excited to share these monsters with you, (if only to cease these awful visions from the Elder Gods) and I can only hope that these abyssal creations will haunt your dreams (in a good way of course!).

Die Kampagne läuft noch 26 Tage und ist finanziert.

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