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Battle Kiwi: Dark Castle

Battle Kiwi veröffentlicht ihr bisher größtes Modell: Dark Castel – Darth Vaders Schloss.

Our BIGGEST EVER kit is at long last loaded up on the site
Behold the towering Dark Castle in all it’s glory! (link in comments)
This kit breaks down into 3 separate terrain pieces, allowing for use across many games, even those that may not require a towering dark ominous presence on the battlefield
Designed of course with our dear Lord Vader and Star Wars Legion in mind, this kit will look equally awesome in the grim dark worlds of the future or perhaps even in a fantastical past. So looking forward to getting some battles over this now we’re slowly getting back to rolling dice
Battle Kiwi Dark Castle  Battle Kiwi Dark Castle3 Battle Kiwi Dark Castle4 Battle Kiwi Dark Castle5 Battle Kiwi Dark Castle7 Battle Kiwi Dark Castle8Battle Kiwi Dark Castle2

Battle Kiwi – Dark Castle – ab 110,00 NZD

The Power of the Dark Side

The Dark Castle is a highly impressive fortress of epicness, sure to be a stand out feature on any table. It’s dark menacing presence will intimidate those foolish enough to attempt to storm the towering walls. The castle comes fully pre-primed in black as shown in images.

Designed with Star Wars Legion in mind, the base of the tower sits just below Range 1, allowing game play to flow both around and over, while providing a good footprint for blocking long lines of fire across the table. Again keeping game play firmly in mind, the top of the tower has an optional ‘sniper spike’, allowing you to block usage of the very top should you wish to stop the eagle perch from dominating firelanes.
Of course the Dark Castle will work equally well for many tabletop games. Roleplaying in the Star Wars universe would be ideal, or battling it out in the 40K grim dark, or even a fantasy world.

The Dark Castle also breaks down into separate parts. Meaning you essentially have 3 terrain pieces! This is great for changing things up between games for a different look, or trying out alternative exciting layouts. Flipping the base unit upside, you can then fit the parts into it too, for easier storage when not playing. Also available as a kit with LED light unit included in either Red or Green – this fits into the middle tier and lights up the interior area.

Laser cut terrain requires glue for assembly. Approx overall dimensions in full tower mode are 35x45cm and 62cm to very top!

Passend dazu darf das Dunkle Schloss auch gleich das Cover eines neuen Star Wars Legion PDF Fanzines schmücken:

Bantha A Star Wars Legion

Issue 1 of Bantha – A Star Wars Legion Fan Magazine is live! PDF can be viewed here and downloaded on your preferred reading device.
Bantha Legion Fanzine Ausgabe #1 (Dropbox Link)
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    • Und den Edding brauchst Du wofür?
      Um die schwarz vorgrundierten Teile zu schwärzen?
      Und falls es interessiert, 4Ground bieten in ihrer Rubrik „Indie Design“ Teile des Battle Kiwi Programms an, explizit zwar nur die SW verwandten Teile, besorgen lt. eigener Aussage aber auf Nachfrage gerne z.B. das INFINITY verwandte Programm.
      Damit wären die ersten rund 18.000km Anlieferungsweg kein Hinderungsgrund mehr für einen Kauf.

      • Um die nackigen holzfarbenen Kanten die NICHTG vorgrundiert sind und so hervorstechen auch zu schwärzen … Komiker

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