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Artel „W“ Miniatures: Neue Previews

Artel „W“ Miniatures präsentieren neue Previews auf Facebook.

Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 01 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 03 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 02

Ok guys, we have good news and bad news today. Let`s start with bad one: probably, we have a Covid-19 case among us, Artelians – one of our warehouse workers, who sorting and cleaning bits, packing your orders and doing a lot of other important stuff is very ill, and first tests are positive. 😫 For that reason we should shut our warehouse for a week (at least). So, there will be no shippings at this week and at next one. There were two big dispatchments at 13th and 15th of May, I just received tracking codes for its and will update info for a bunch orders in the next three days. Though, a lot of orders are still unsent – hope you`ll understand the delay in that circumstances. Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones. The enemy is at the gate, he`s extremely dangerous and strikes from nowhere. Again – STAY SAFE, as long as you can. Don`t fool around. Please! And lets wish all our best for Nastya, who were working hard on your orders for two years! Get better, dear Nastya!!!

Still, we are working and we have a lot of plans for this shitty fraggin` crapload of an year, which, let`s be honest, totally need to be canceled. Year, not plans. So, do you remember the art for Inquisitor Alba Snow we were showing recently. Some of you were asking, who would accompany her. Let me introduce the concepts of her trusted acolytes, The Seven Zwergs! Well, there are not all of them on that art, but we will make seven

Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 04 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 09 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 08 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 07 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 06 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 05

You`ve asking a lot about „Hey, where is that orc on trike?“. Well, here he is. Still not finished, and there are a lot of details we want to rework, but you can check the progress
And we will be glad to receive your opinion and criticism!
NB: Before you ask: Yes, he will be big. HUGE!!!

Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 10 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 11 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 12

More concepts for our project „Fantasy“ – Fighter, Paladin and Barbarian.



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