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Aristeia!: TÁOWÙ Mastermind

Corvus Belli haben einen neuen Skin für Aristeia! in der Mache.

CB Aristeia Taowu From Quantum Foam Surfer To Mastermind

TÁOWÙ: from Quantum Foam Surfer to Mastermind


Those of you who have been following us for some time now, and have heard about the character ‘Skins’ that we are working on, and may have noticed that there have been many fantasy alternatives.

With today’s topic, Táowù, we decided to turn around and do something different. Maybe because the original aristo already has a touch of fantasy in his appearance emulating an asian illusionist, who wears a tall hat and dresses in a purple and gold brocade.

Taowu From Quantum Foam Surfer To Mastermind 1

Although being Táowù, the ‘Mastermind’ of supreme manipulation, it is very likely that he has gotten away with it. With this in mind, I ended up designing the new look that he’d always desired.

When facing a design, you must delve into the character’s background information: everything he is, what he has been, and as much as possible, what the character is going to be when you finish your redesign. So I read all the design notes we had written when we started working on the expansion Smoke and Mirrors. I reread the article I wrote under the pseudonym W. Tortollini in the blog section of the Aristeia!s website, and finally I read the complete background that our main writer, the ineffable Gutier Lusquiños, had written.

If you wonder how such a thing happened, you should continue reading.

From all those readings, a sketch was taking shape in my mind and it culminated in the conceptual design that you see below.

Taowu From Quantum Foam Surfer To Mastermind 2

A sober and elegant asian gentleman, mature and stylish businessman. A man from whom you wouldn’t want to receive an appointment at his office in the center of the city, because whatever he wanted, in the end he would take it.

Taowu From Quantum Foam Surfer To Mastermind 3

An unassuming man whose power lies in what he can make others do to you when you have him as a rival. The information he manages about everyone is so sensitive, that if it was light, it would burn you to a crisp if you were exposed directly to it.

With such an approach, it was difficult to pass up the opportunity to make this “lord” a usable character at the tables of Corvus Belli’s flagship game: Infinity, even if it was just as a figure to play games with a Classified Objective Deck or ITS scenarios that require an HVT (High Value Target).

But as I mentioned earlier, Gutier has written a complete background for him, and these are part of a bigger plot and I am sure you are itching to read them:

[…] Táowù knows how to win a match before it has even started, by applying minimal pressure on a single point that will make his opponent collapse. The legend says that only with his soft, lilting voice he knows how to induce a logical coma to an Aspect of ALEPH. Whether it is true or not, we all remember how he destroyed the career of that Aristeia! Presenter who hated him so much […]

Cool, huh? Well, I would expect more than just a few sentences in an article. A complete background. Maybe a playable profile. Well, you will have to stay tuned to the sale of the skin for it.

Taowu From Quantum Foam Surfer To Mastermind

Táowú Mastermind will be available in store on July 31.

We will keep in touch. Don’t stop reading – we’ll be back.

Take care.

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