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AoSRPG: Endrinmaster

Damit die Luftschiffe der Kharadron Overlords verlässlich ihren Dienst tun, arbeiten die Endrinmaster unerbittlich als Mechaniker und Ingenieure, sowie als weiterer Archetyp für das kommende Rollenspiel Soulbound.

Age of Sigmar: Soulbound – Endrinmaster

Cubicle Seven Age Of Sigmar Soulbound – Endrinmaster

Today we want to share more information on the ingenious Endrinmaster!


A genius of Kharadron endrincraft, you are a builder and an inventor, as well as a warrior.

The most mechanically inclined of the Kharadron are often apprenticed to the powerful Endrineer’s Guild. Here they learn the arts of smithing, metallurgy, shipwrighting, and machining. Those of sufficient talent, determination, and skill to complete this educational undertaking are quickly employed in the skyports of the Kharadron or in the Free Cities of the realms. But for the bravest and the best, true wealth and glory can only be found aboard the Arkanaut skyfleets. As chief endrineer on a skyship, they are responsible for every bolt and rivet from air-rudder to bowsprit and, most crucially of all, the technical miracle of the aether-endrin that keeps the Kharadron vessel aloft.

A Kharadron Endrinmaster is no idle tinkerer, however. The realms’ skies are every bit as perilous as its lands and its seas, and an endrineer does not choose such a life if they are not able and willing to fight. They are often seen clumping about the dockyards of Free Cities in full endrinharness, outfitted with a spectacular arsenal of aethermatic weaponry of their own design.

‘It’s an aethermight hammer, but I’ve made the odd tweak here and there. No, lad! You can’t hold it. That’d be in direct violation of Artycle 7 Point 3 of my gunnery license from the Endrineer’s Guild.’

— Brodrik Grundsson, Endrinmaster of the Thallazorn

All major skyports host Guild-sanctioned endrineering schools, and an Endrinmaster’s outlook and reasons for agreeing to become Soulbound are likely influenced by the skyport where they received their education. An Endrinmaster from Barak-Nar might become Soulbound out of a combination of profit and pragmatism, while one from Barak-Zon might be tempted by the strength to fight their enemies. All Endrineers sign ironclad contracts to protect the machines under their charge and the scientific lore with which they have been entrusted. In exchange for a greatly extended lifespan and aether-gold to help them fulfil their contract, many an Endrinmaster might similarly submit to becoming Soulbound. If that also happens to help them acquire far greater wealth and knowledge, that’s a loophole they are more than happy to exploit.

Quelle: Cubicle 7

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    • Die mehr oder weniger chaotische Reihenfolge der Völker in den Previews täuscht glaube ich etwas. Hab es mir nochmal angeguckt und es sind ja mittlerweile 20 Archetypen (zu jedem Volk 2-3, Sigmarines natürlich 4), so dass man mit fast jedem eine sinnvolle Gruppe zusammenstellen kann. Für P&P interessiert mich das Setting absolut nicht, aber im Prinzip kann man da schon fokussiert Kampagnen mit spielen denke ich.

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