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1775 Join or Die: Kickstarter endet

Ein Skirmish zum selber drucken. Noch heute auf Kickstarter!

Welcome to our first Kickstarter campaign!

We are 3DBreed Miniatures and after some Sculpt work with games such Skull Tales: Full Sail and Frontier Wars, we have the pleasure to share with you our own project called ‚1775 Join or Die‘.

In the following video, courtesy of our good friend Anto Cerrato, from Icarus Games ( https://www.icarus-games.co.uk/ ) you can see an overview of the campaign:

** We remind you that this Kickstarter is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own 3D printer, such as Anycubic Photon or Ender 3. These are not physical models **

Und das ist das Core-Pledge:

1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 1 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 2 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 3 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 4 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 5

Die Modelle:

 The Characters

Soldiers, native warriors, mountain men and women, spies, mercenaries, pirates, corsairs, angry farmers and animals*, commanders, historical characters and many more, fight toghether in this historical with a good dose of fantasy game. You can see some of the characters in the following images.

* you’ll find it out if the campaign grows 😉

1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 14 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 15 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 16 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 17

The miniatures are designed for resin-level quality, but you can also print the scenography on FDM.

All models have been test printed and ready to drop on print bed. You can easily add supports with the sofware provided with your 3D printer.

The scale of the miniatures is roughly Heroic 32mm.

Das sind die Stretch Goals:

1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 6 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 7 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 8 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 9 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 10 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 11 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 12 1775 Join Or Die Kicksarter 13

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und ended heute.

The Game

In 1775 the American War of Independence broke out, a war that confronted the Continental Patriots and the troops loyal to the British Crown, which wanted to prevent the Thirteen American Colonies from achieving the independence.

1775 Join or Die is a fantasy game in which the players create fighting squads made up of members coming from different backgrounds and conditions, confronting them in combat, espionage operations, sabotage, assassination, kidnapping and thievery.

Each player creates a squad of characters and faces it against the squad created by the player on the opposite side in a standard match or following the rules of special scenarios. In this campaign you’ll receive 3D print ready miniatures, terrain, objects and buildings from a native american settlement to a small XVIIIth century style town.

‚1775 Join or Die‘ is a game in continuous development, so we have prepared a site where you can ask any question about it and also contribute with some ideas or rules that you would include in its mechanics. In 3DBreed Miniatures we’ll be working in periodical updates of the rules and we’ll add more special scenarios. For example, if the campaing succeedes, we’ll add mounted characters rules, special weapons and other cool stuff that will enrich the game.

–  Join or Die Fan page 

Defeat is not an option, it’s time to fight and no one can stay aside.

Join or die!

The rulebook and the scenario book (currently with 3 different scenarios), as well as some character ’stand ups‘ and their cards, are available for download at the following link for free, ready for print. This print and play set is a fantastic starting point to taste the game and its mechanics.

  Print and play English Version (Rulebook, character cards and stand ups)

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