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Wild West Exodus: Weitere Preorders

Nach den Wölfen gibt es drei weitere Boxen die bald die WWX-Spieltische bevölkern.

WWX Spirit Totems 01 WWX Spirit Totems 02 WWX Spirit Totems 03 WWX Spirit Totems 04 WWX Spirit Totems 05 WWX Spirit Totems 06 WWX Spirit Totems 07 WWX Spirit Totems 08 WWX Spirit Totems 09 WWX Spirit Totems 10 WWX Spirit Totems 11 WWX Spirit Totems 12 WWX Spirit Totems 13 WWX Spirit Totems 14 WWX Spirit Totems 15 WWX Spirit Totems 16 WWX Spirit Totems 17 WWX Spirit Totems 18 WWX Spirit Totems 19

Spirit Totems – 13,00 GBP

These hand-carved artefacts are a sign of devotion, not only to the spirits of the land but also to the Great Spirit itself. Spirit Totems are placed wherever the Warrior Nation are found, both as markers and as locus to the spirits. Two such totems can be linked through the spirit realm be a shaman or prodigious spirit guide to open a path between those two worlds. It is through these paths that the Warrior Nation can appear wherever they are needed in order to strike at their enemies or withdraw without a trace.

The Spirit Totems kit builds eight multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 2x Large Spirit Totems
  • 6x Small Spirit Totems
  • 8x Bases

WWX Order Tumbler 01 WWX Order Tumbler 02 WWX Order Tumbler 03

Order Tumbler – 20,00 GBP

The process of gnosis has allowed the Allshard to impart the designs of many fantastical and arcane technologies to their mortal followers. Such designs are revered as sacred relics, their replication one of careful and unwavering repetition. Though such marvels are limited by the terrestrial materials and processes used to manufacture them, they are still decades beyond even the wildest dreams of the scientists of the Enlightened. The Tumbler is one such relic –  a high speed and perfectly self-stabilising monowheel. Piloted by a single Spica, the Tumblers are exceptionally very fast and agile for their size. The twin Sunhammer Cannons pack a punch, searing enemies and melting steel with rapid blasts of super-heated particles.

The Order Tumbler kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

  • 1x Order Tumbler
  • 1x Bases

WWX The Golden Army Posse 01 WWX The Golden Army Posse 02 WWX The Golden Army Posse 03 WWX The Golden Army Posse 04 WWX The Golden Army Posse 05 WWX The Golden Army Posse 06 WWX The Golden Army Posse 07 WWX The Golden Army Posse 08 WWX The Golden Army Posse 09 WWX The Golden Army Posse 10 WWX The Golden Army Posse 11 WWX The Golden Army Posse 12 WWX The Golden Army Posse 13 WWX The Golden Army Posse 14 WWX The Golden Army Posse 15 WWX The Golden Army Posse 16 WWX The Golden Army Posse 17

The Golden Army Posse – 35,00 GBP

Born and raised in the hills of Northern Mexico, Pancho Villa was the oldest of five children and grew up in comparative poverty. He learned from an early age that the best way to get noticed was by making the most noise. As he grew from boy to man, his hair-trigger temper dictated his path. Angry and embittered by what he saw as the hand Fate had dealt him, he took it upon himself to change his own destiny. A passion for improving his lot and a penchant for powerful ‘juiced’ weaponry drove him to acts of theft and banditry during which he became a stone-cold murderer of his fellow man. Despite his new-found status as a killer, Villa found he was not reviled. Indeed, despite his occasional cruelty, he had somehow become a local hero. In order to advertise his wealth and success to all who see him, Pancho became known for his expensive attire and flashy gold embroidered outfits.

The years passed by and Pancho Villa’s myth grew beyond local borders. He became a revolutionary, a land-owner, eventually becoming rich and powerful. Though he still planned the lightning raids his posses committed on other landowners, as he got older he took a less front line role. His growing army engaged in bolder and more daring acts with each passing year. Eventually, Mexico was no longer large enough for him. Villa had heard of the prospectors in the United States and their rush to find their part of the riches offered by the seams of natural resource the country offered. He wanted his share and, as far as Pancho Villa was concerned, his share was ‘all’.

In his relentless drive north, he has gathered a considerable force behind him and is no longer content to lead from the back. His new followers include the deadly pistolero Heraclio Bernal, known as the Thunderbolt of Sinaloa, The Fearless Desperado Procopio, for whom killing was a pastime, the revolutionist Rosaria Mendes, whose message can be heard far and wide and Catalina Romero, hunter, trapper and crack shot with a rifle.

Villa has taken up his Gatling gun and stands at the head of what has become known as the Golden Army, as their undisputed patriarch.

The Golden Army Posse builds seven multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Procopio
  • 1x Rosaria Mendes
  • 1x Catalina Romero
  • 1x Heraclio Bernal
  • 1x Pancho Villa
  • 2x K9 Attack Dogs
  • 7x Bases

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