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WWX Union Fire Team 01 WWX Union Fire Team 02 WWX Union Fire Team 03

Union Fire Team – 15,00 GBP

The Union army relies on its manpower as much as it does firepower. Often Union infantry will be supported by Fire Teams carrying heavier weaponry. These small units are comprised of soldiers whose strength and skill at arms have been proven both in training and in the field.

The Union Fire Team builds three multi-part plastic miniatures;

  • 3x Union Troopers with Special Weapons
  • 3x Bases


WWX The Bloody Espinosas Posse 01 WWX The Bloody Espinosas Posse 02 WWX The Bloody Espinosas Posse 03

The Bloody Espinosas Posse – 35,00 GBP

Felipe Espinosa, or Bloody Espinosa as he is often referred to on wanted posters throughout the states of Durango, Sonora and West Texas, is a rogue, desperado, thief, mariachi and, to many, a bold freedom fighter. He cares little for the laws of the Union, which he feels do not apply to him and even less for the lives of those who stand in his way. Filipe is a brute of a man, a slab of muscle and hate, twice the width of a normal man. Felipe’s infamy is well deserved and widespread.

Felipe can usually rely on his equally nefarious family to back him in a fight. His eldest brother, Vivian, was once the leader of the gang until he was shot in the back by the bounty hunter Thomas Tate Tobin. Instead of dying over the next few days Vivian lingered on, his body twisted and mutated into a screaming malformed beast. In the chaos that followed Vivian’s wife, Sophia Antonella, stepped forward and calmed her husband. She could see the recognition in his still familiar eyes and the mindless rage within him abated. He now lives a half-life where he is driven by instinct more than rational thought but, as long as he is close to his beloved wife, he can retain enough of his humanity to restrain himself from savagely attacking anyone in sight.

With bounty hunters still on their trail, Felipe took the reins as gang leader but the revulsion and bitterness at his brothers change simmers just below the surface. He admired Vivian and as a younger man wanted nothing more than his elder brother’s approval. Felipe will kill any lawman out of hand, often going out of his way to hunt them down like a dog.

Pedro Espinosa is the youngest of the siblings and tried to escape his familial ties, his skill with a guitar making him a popular musician throughout the state of North Mexico. All that changed however when he was caught in a brawl and killed the man who mangled his right hand. Fleeing to the safety of his family, Pedro was indebted when Vivian arranged for a replacement hand to be made for him by the brilliant Wendell Lee. Regrettably, his skill with a guitar will never be the same again and filled with spite, Pedro now removes the right hand of any man he kills and keeps them as a souvenir.

The remaining Espinosas, Jose and Luccia, have a fractious relationship. Unsettlingly close at times, they occasionally fly into fierce rivalries fuelled by petty jealousies or by something deeper. This feuding is often the premature end to the gang’s Mariachi performances, although these days their reputation is such that few towns fail to recognise them on sight. This is of little consequence as many towns will feign ignorance and welcome them to perform, rather than see the Espinosas talents for bloody retribution be displayed instead.

The Bloody Espinosas Posse kit builds five multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Felipe Espinosa
  • 1x Sophia Antonella
  • 1x Pedro Espinosa
  • 1x Jose Espinosa
  • 1x Luccia Espinosa
  • 1x Vivian Espinosa
  • 6x Bases

WWX Tainted Biology Posse 01 WWX Tainted Biology Posse 02 WWX Tainted Biology Posse 03

Tainted Biology Posse – 35,00 GBP

Dr. Viktor Beitel was once a brilliant scientist whos self-experimentation left him destitute. For years Beitel had been unsuccessfully blending the viscus glowing red fuel with testosterone to increase muscle and bone synthesis. His dream was to find a way to introduce an RJ infused serum into the human body and to harness its power to effectively create an ubermensch – a superhuman. This power could then be sold to the ailing Confederate army and Beitel could retire as a very powerful man in every sense of the word. In the final days of the Ore War, Beitel was part of a Confederate attack on a shipment of RJ-1027 destined for the Union. The Enlighted defending the shipment took a heavy toll on the Confederates and only Beitel survived, with a solitary barrel of RJ for his trouble.

Beitel’s dreams began to slip through his fingers as even with such limited resources, the Ore war reached its end and the list of volunteers willing to risk their lives in such a manner dwindled to nothing. He did not let this crush his hopes, however, and he made the acquaintance of a resourceful associate Skip McKidney. This travelling snake oil salesman gave Beitel access to drifters and animals to experiment on. After another dozen failed experiments a breakthrough continued to elude him. Soon even these subjects began to become harder to find and as Beitel became more desperate his failures became more dramatic. An experiment on two stray dogs he named Castor & Pollux created beasts that were indeed stronger and tougher than they were before but were as hideous as all the other failed subjects. There was some hope, however, as they retained enough of their instincts to be of use as companions.

Francis Fratelli was a sideshow curiosity when Beitel found him. Fratelli’s conjoined twin, Fredo, is a small half-formed man emerging from Francis‘ chest. Sick of their life, they agreed to participate in Beitel’s experiments. Having applied the latest formula, Beitel was surprised to find them both unchanged. There was no sign of any increased strength or endurance but neither were there any physical changes. The following night, Fredo died and was transformed into a nightmarish creature. This vicious cancer of teeth and hate demonstrated significant telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Heartened by what he saw as a success, Beitel experimented on an escaped convict by the name of Marcus Cunningham. This time the physical changes worked exactly as predicted and Marcus developed increased strength and durability but he also manifested a cranial bone growth and skin akin to elephant hide.

Believing he neared perfection of his formula, Beitel conducted what he believed was his final experiment. It was only right that he do so on his favourite test subject: himself. He was wrong, however, and the serum was still far from perfect. Beitel was transformed into a hulking slab of muscle standing over eight feet tall. While his intellect and reasoning remained undiminished the change was not without cost. Many of his internal organs atrophied and became toxic in the transformation. Unable to consume food any longer, without regular doses of his serum, Beitel finds himself rapidly weakening to the point of death. This all-consuming hunger drives him onwards with his unusual band of followers, raiding convoys, experimenting on the unwary and finding dubious employment opportunities where they can. Anything so the boss can get his next fix.

The Tainted Biology Posse kit builds six multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Viktor Beitel
  • 1x Skip McKidney
  • 1x The Fratelli’s
  • 1x Marcus Cunningham
  • 1x Castor
  • 1x Pollux
  • 6x Bases

WWX Legendary Burson Carpathian 01 WWX Legendary Burson Carpathian 02 WWX Legendary Burson Carpathian 03

Legendary Burson Carpathian – 23,00 GBP

One of the most influential figures in the Covenant of the Enlightened, Burson Carpathian was a man on who the very Dystopian Age would hinge upon. Carpathian cared not for such things. His obsession over the past decade was in researching and challenging the very laws of nature so that he might be able to restore to life his beloved wife Veronica. Such a destiny was denied him one fateful night at the hands of his own nephew, Roman Ursul.

Ursul (now going by the name Caym) assassinated his uncle while Carpathian was speaking to an assembled audience of Enlightened Peers. Expecting to be lauded as the new head of the Enlightened, Caym had badly misread the situation and was forced to flee before retribution could be met out against him. The damage was done, however, and it was clear that Carpathian was mortally wounded. Kyle the Black, and Countess Augusta Byron, worked tirelessly on the dying scientist for three days. Miraculously, the pair managed to bring him back from the brink of death, though he was forever transformed. Most of Burson’s body was damaged beyond repair and his brain was also heavily damaged.

Utilising the latest scientific and engineering breakthroughs, Carpathian is sustained in a reshaped body and mind. In his new incarnation, Carpathian’s physical form is formidable. His new hands can crush bone with little effort and his Atomic Minigun is capable of laying down a hail of irradiated bullets. The most formidable aspect about Carpathian remains his mind, however, where he was once calculating and detached, he is now fickle and irrational. He will often erupt in spontaneous rages or moments of inconsolable misery. His closest allies are now fearful of his reactions to the smallest disappointments and his enemies are now fearful of this new more powerful and more unpredictable foe.

As for Caym, while he has not been seen in the Frontier since that fateful day, there is no doubt a reckoning still to be had.

The Legendary Burson Carpathian kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

  • 1x Legendary Burson Carpathian
  • 1x Bases

WWX Red Oak Bridge Set

Red Oak Bridge Set – 20,00 GBP

The town of Red Oak is growing daily and while space is freely available sometimes a patron will want a more surreptitious route between buildings. For this reason, many buildings have bridges linking their upper-level balconies making travel between them easier and quicker.

This set contains one bridge and a number of lampposts and other scatter terrain to add additional flavour to your town.

This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains

  • 2x Bridges
    • Compatible with the Red Oak Saloon & Cat House
  • 1x Pair of steps
  • 3x Crates
  • 3x Cranes
  • Assembly Instructions

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