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Wild West Exodus: Neue Vorbestellungen

Für Wild West Exodus kann unter anderem die Cowboy-Posse vorbestellt werden.

WWX Portals 01 WWX Portals 02 WWX Portals 03

Portals – 10,00 GBP

A marvel of the Dystopian Age, portals are gateways rent into the fabric of space forming a passageway to another nearby location. Often these portals can be linked into a multitude of other such gateways forming a network in the local area. Any person or object smaller than the aperture of the portal can pass through and be transported almost instantaneously to a new location. While the portals of forces such as Watcher Hegemony or The Order of the Allshard are more sophisticated than those reverse engineered by the Covenant of the Enlightened, all portal travel has a degree of risk associated with it. A traveller should never enter a portal without knowing where it leads to – or indeed if it actually leads anywhere!

The Portals kit builds two single-piece resin miniatures;

  • 2x Portals
  • 2x Base

WWX Legendary Vor Khet 01 WWX Legendary Vor Khet 02 WWX Legendary Vor Khet 03

Legendary Vor Khet – 23,00 GBP

Few people have witnessed the voracious monster Vor Khet and lived to tell the tale. In the Montana territories, they whisper campfire tales of a hulking, eyeless creature who stalks the deep, wooded foothills of the Rocky Mountains sniffing out human flesh. Many a fisherman at Flathead Lake has vanished, attributed to Vor Khet tearing them apart as they slept. Surely these are the ramblings of a lunatic? No-one would believe such a creature exists.

The most common story told by the locals is that Vor Khet was once of the Warrior Nation. A large man with a prodigious appetite, he preferred his own company beyond the plains. In the foothills of the mountains he hunted, fished and roamed free. But isolated from his kindred, he fell prey to a malevolent wraith that corrupted him both in mind and body. Having fed him her dark energies, the spirit discovered Vor Khet’s appetite remained unsated and so she unleashed him on the world, to kill and devour any living creature that crossed his path. Darkness is no obstacle for this creature as, almost blind, he senses the beat of the heart, the quickening of breath and can taste the tang of blood in the air. Once Vor Khet hunts you, your doom is all but certain. Your fate is to be ripped apart in his toothy maw.

The Legendary Vor Khet kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

  • 1x Legendary Vor Khet
  • 1x Base

WWX The Cowboys Posse 01 WWX The Cowboys Posse 02 WWX The Cowboys Posse 03 WWX The Cowboys Posse 04 WWX The Cowboys Posse 05 WWX The Cowboys Posse 06 WWX The Cowboys Posse 07 WWX The Cowboys Posse 08 WWX The Cowboys Posse 09 WWX The Cowboys Posse 10 WWX The Cowboys Posse 11 WWX The Cowboys Posse 12 WWX The Cowboys Posse 13 WWX The Cowboys Posse 14 WWX The Cowboys Posse 15 WWX The Cowboys Posse 16 WWX The Cowboys Posse 17

The Cowboys Posse – 35,00 GBP

There are those in the frontier who earn their reputation through acts of selflessness and heroism. Perhaps it is human nature to find greater interest in the more salacious adventures of outlaws and bandits. The pages of newspapers and penny dreadfuls are filled with tales of the men and women for whom the taste of notoriety is a finer wine by far. Johnny Ringo is just one man among many mean-spirited, foul-mouthed and lawless villains, but he is also by far and away one of the most bloody-minded. Set apart from many other by dint of his inherent charm and good breeding, Ringo is supremely arrogant and self-absorbed; using his „superior“ intellect to bamboozle his underlings and impress the gullible.

Plaguing the settlements and townships in the Arizona Territory such as Tombstone, Ringo is a crack-shot, cold-blooded killer; a marksman without peer and he is justly feared for it. High Marshal Earp believes Ringo has taken down more opponents in duels than any other man in the Territory. Indeed, the only man Ringo seems to avoid a duel with is the equally skilled Doc Holliday. A showdown between those two would surely be both legendary and decisive.

Despite his tendency to bear grudges and pursue personal revenge against any number of foes, Ringo is, in his own way, a superlative leader, commanding respect and fear from those who follow his command in his infamous Cowboy’s gang. Ringo works closely with the nefarious Bill Brocius and some say that it is Bill who is really the brains behind the Cowboys success. Together they are equally at home planning a bank heist as they are opening fire on a Lawmen posse just for the sheer and unbridled joy of it. The Cowboys include the disfigured and spiteful Misty Mimms, a woman wanted in numerous territories for violent crimes and with a particular hatred of Jesse James. The veteran prospector and ruthless killer Ike Clanton; his brother Billy Clanton, known as Chef because of his penchant for knife-play; the mysterious trick shooter Annie Mozee who is wanted in for the murder of Francis Butler and Hulda Haines in 1871. The final member of the gang is Frank McLaury, mortally wounded by the Earps and transformed by experimental Enlightened technology at the hands of Kyle the Black into the psychotic H-Bot 44. The Cowboys stampede their way through the region, robbing, killing, gambling and drinking their way to their notion of glory.

The Cowboys Posse kit builds seven multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Johnny Ringo
  • 1x Bill Brocius
  • 1x Misty Mimms
  • 1x Frank „H-Bot 44“ McLaury
  • 1x Ike Clanton
  • 1x Annie Mozee
  • 1x Billy „Chef“ Clanton
  • 7x Base

Link: Wild West Exodus


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