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Wild West Exodus: Neue Preorder

Für Wild West Exodus können einige neue Figuren und ein Tokenset vorbestellt werden.

WWX Grey With Specialist Weapons 01 WWX Grey With Specialist Weapons 02 WWX Grey With Specialist Weapons 03 WWX Grey With Specialist Weapons 04 WWX Grey With Specialist Weapons 05 WWX Grey With Specialist Weapons 06 WWX Grey With Specialist Weapons 07

Grey with Specialist Weapons – 15,00 GBP

All species within the Watcher Hegemony have their role to play. The Watchers are all too aware of the pitfalls of over specialising. They have not endured for centuries by being inflexible in this manner and so have an entire species, the Grey, who specialise in… not specialising!

The Grey are bred as foot soldiers, labourers, architects, engineers, spies, diplomats and scientists – whatever the Watchers need them to be. When circumstance causes the Watchers a need to rely on the Grey for military operations, they are birthed from gestation vats aboard their Arkvault or base of operations with Vermillion or Onyx traits spliced into their genome. This additional genetic material allows them to utilise a wide variety of sophisticated and deadly weapons. These Grey are deployed in support of their more lightly armed kin and can coordinate with Grey Elites or even Viridian commanders to bring about victory for the Watchers.

The Grey with Specialist Weapons kit builds two multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 2x Grey with Specialist Weapon
  • 2x Bases

WWX Tokenset

Wild West Exodus Token Set – 6,00 GBP

Upgrade your games of Wild West Exodus with this set of Acrylic Tokens. This set includes all the core condition tokens plus ‚Activated‘, ‚Re-animated‘, and ‚Quick and the Dead‘ tokens in high-quality 2-ply acrylic

The Wild West Exodus Token Set contains

  • 6 x Hazard Tokens
  • 6 x Hunkered Tokens
  • 6 x Disordered Tokens
  • 6 x On the Lookout Tokens
  • 6 x Activated Tokens
  • 6 x Re-animated Tokens
  • 6 x Quick and the Dead tokens

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