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Warlord Games: Age of Bronze für Hail Caesar

Die Hail Caesar Erweiterung „Age of Bronze“ ist bei Warlord vorbestellbar.

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Warlord Games: Age of Bronze für Hail Caesar – 160 Seiten – 24,00 GBP

For two thousand years; from 3000 BC to 1000 BC, warriors fought battles with weapons of bronze. This gleaming red-gold metal is an alloy of copper and tin. The warrior nobles rode into battle in chariots and were clad in bronze armour. Their followers gripped bronze thrusting spears, battle-axes and slashing swords. Battle was a dazzling sight as weapons and armour glinted in the sun amid the clash of bronze against bronze and the clatter of charging chariots. This was the heroic age of legend! When the sand and rubble is cleared away from the mighty ruins of the temples, tombs and strongholds of this time; the tales of these battles are revealed inscribed in stone and on the imperishable tablets of baked clay.

Around the ancient carvings of the warriors, which inspire the model soldiers depicted in this book, are the reports of their deeds on the battlefield. From what they tell us we can recreate battles for our model armies. In this book you will find many battle scenarios and skirmishes all based on real events. We begin with the Sumerians, rival city states. Then we see the rise and fall of the first great empire of the Akkadians. Ancient Egyptians fight to unite their nation and repel Hyksos invaders. The mighty Hammurabi takes on rivals to create the kingdom of Babylon. The chariot Empires of the Hittites and Mitanni clash and try and hold their own against the New Kingdom Pharaohs and the Mycenaeans. Egyptian and Canaanite chariots battle on the plain of Megiddo. Heroes fight duels upon the plain of Troy. Then Sea Peoples and Habiru tribes challenge the chariot lords as we approach the dramatic end of Bronze Age.

Age of Bronze contains 32 scenarios – in addition to the traditional Hail Caesar massed battles we introduce skirmish rules for smaller scale conflicts between warbands so often seen during this period.

Directly order from us and you’ll receive a FREE Ramesses II figure!

(irgendwie sieht der Ramses auf dem Bild so aus, als hätte er einen blonden Schnauzbart – vielleicht ein Zeitreisender britischer Major?)

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