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War Banner: Warring Clans Neuheiten

Drei Neuerscheinungen für alle Samurai Settings gibt es von War Banner.

War Banner Ronin Sword Mast 1 War Bannerronin Sword Mast 2

Akagi Kazuki, Ronin Swordmaster – 4,00 GBP

A samurai becomes ronin in several different ways: his master might die or fall from power, he may lose his master’s favour and patronage and be cast off to become a drifter or a wanderer.

This is what has happened to Akagi Kazuki, if these are his real names. Rumoured to have once been a famous swordsman, who, after defeating countless opponents using his favourite technique the swallow cut, was honoured as the chief weapons master of the Hosokawa clan north of Kyushu.

With the sudden and mysterious death of Lord Hosokawa, his fall from grace has been swift. A once great Kensei has now been cast out to become Ronin, a vagrant, a masterless warrior bringing death for all who will pay.

Sword and mind must be united. Technique by itself is insufficient, and spirit alone is not enough.

Pack contains one miniature.

War Banner Sam Archer 1 War Banner Sam Archer 3a 1024x1024

Takamoto, Kyūjutsu sensei – 4,00 GBP

I have been quiet for a while. Well, that’s an understatement. The truth is, I have been hard to find since her death. It was the very contrast of sun and clouds that made the sun appear as it did it pierced through the window as accurately as one of my arrows showing me what must be done.

For Takamoto, it is time for him to have his revenge, the type of revenge which consists in the archer aiming at himself – and yet not at himself, in hitting himself – and yet not himself, and thus becoming simultaneously the aimer and the aim, the hitter and the hit.

Pack contains one miniature.

War Banner Lord War Banner Sam Lord 2 1024x1024

Lord Eiichi Yamagata – 4,00 GBP

As a boy, Eiichi Yamagata was sent away to a local monastery where he studied Zen and the martial arts. It is here that he was trained in the sword progressing to be considered one of the greatest swordsmen of current times, a claim enhanced when Eiichi defeated three opponents at once, using nothing but a steel fan.

Despite his honourable learnings, a cloud of suspicion hangs over the head of this young lord regarding his true intentions coupled with the fear he invokes due to his seemingly heartless nature in times of battle. Eiichi continues to play a huge part in the successful reign over Yamagata Clan territory.

Pack contains one miniature.

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