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Victrix: Keltische Streitwagen

Die neuen keltischen Streitwagen sind bei Victrix vorbestellbar.

Victrix Celtic Chariots Victrix Celtic Chariots2 Victrix Celtic Chariots3 Victrix Celtic Chariots4 Victrix Celtic Chariots5 Victrix Celtic Chariots6 Victrix Celtic Chariots7 Victrix Celtic Chariots8 Victrix Celtic Chariots9 Victrix Celtic Chariots10 Victrix Celtic Chariots11 Victrix Celtic Chariots123

Keltische Streitwagen – Hartplastik – 28mm

Now on pre order with stock due next week.

28mm 1/56th scale Hard Plastic Celtic Chariots and crews

This set includes 3 x Celtic chariots and 6 horses. Figures include 6 drivers, 8 armoured fighting crew, 3 Boudiceas and 3 Druids. There are many head and arm options. To enhance the chariots we have included severed heads, ornaments, ribbons and javelin cases.

Figures need assembly and painting.

Also a new LBMS transfer sheet for this set.

Quelle: Victrix Limited auf Facebook

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