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Vanguard Miniatures: Lampen in 6mm

Vanguard Miniatures sorgen bei 6mm Gelände für mehr Licht.

Vanguard StreetLights6mm 01 Vanguard StreetLights6mm 02 Vanguard StreetLights6mm 03

Street Lights (6mm) – 6,50 GBP

A set of city street lights in two variants, single and double lamps, (6mm scale).

Set contents 24 x street lights:

12 x single lights
12 x double lights

6mm figure show for scale.

Vanguard WallLights6mm 01 Vanguard WallLights6mm 02 Vanguard WallLights6mm 03 Vanguard WallLights6mm 04

Wall Lights (6mm) – 2,00 GBP

Wall mountable lights set that can be glued to any flat surface on building walls or even used as ground mounted lights on runways or other landing zones.

Set contains:

30 x lights

See images for size comparison and demonstration of use, here seen on TMG plastic terrain tiles.
6mm figure shown for scale.

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