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Human Interface: Neues Update

Für Human Interface gibt es ein ein Update auf Facebook.

Human Interface Nakamura Tower January Update 1 Human Interface Nakamura Tower January Update 2 Human Interface Nakamura Tower January Update 3

Hi everyone in the next update.

It’s been a while since our last update, but we have had a severely busy time with production and logistics. The project has grown considerably during the development in regard to what we have planned and shown you during the campaign. The amount of cards has grown (by around 25%), the amount of Missions (by a 100% more), we have created several expansions which we’re not originally planned, but we do include them in the rewards, as we see them as a substantial enhancement to the game itself – a Skirmish Mode with Missions and a Horde Mode of play. Let’s add all the elements that should be included in a top-of-the-shelf board game, like plastic trays and of course the insane amount of miniatures. All of that required special attention to supervise the quality. It took more than we expected. But the most important thing is that we are on the finish line.

Let’s talk about the most important things – the dates and how they actually look like now. Despite our pleas, threats and negotiations, the production did not meet the Chinese New Year deadline. It will start (CNY) before the end of January and last until the second week of February. The production will resume afterwards (around 12-14 of Feb.) and what is left on the part of the manufacturer, is the printing of the boxes and packing, and loading of the container. That’s another two to three weeks. Journey to Europe is going to take 28-35 days. That’s hard to estimate because of the considerable unpredictability of sea journeys, but that’s a rough average of how long does the shipping take including the paperwork and formalities. Then a day or two to get to our depot, and another one or two to start sending these packages out. The shipping itself is going to proceed for about two months.

Another question is what will be finally included in the package? The answer is: a lot. Underneath, a list of elements that found their way into the kickstarter version of the game.

Human Interface Be a Better Human content:
-Big cards (63×88) – 98
-Small cards (45 x 68) – 96
-2mm game tiles – 9 rooms, 8 hallways
-2mm doors – 16
-ID dashboard – 9
-cardboard tokens sheet – 5
-plastic tray
-56 page rulebook
-56 page Mission book
-37 plastic miniatures
-The Can
-Vello Mekanik Shapu x 8
-TacTeam Officers x 8
-Tanken N1 drones x 8
-Black Site Agents x 8

Human Interface Blood on the floor supplement content:
-Big cards (63×88) – 18
-Small cards (45 x 68) – 22
-2mm game tiles – 2 rooms, 2 hallways
-ID dashboard – 4
-plastic tray
-28 page Mission book
-11 plastic miniatures
-Black Site Agents with assault rifle x 8

Human Interface Kickstarter pack (unlocked and social Stretch Goals) content:
-Big cards (63×88) – 82
-Small cards (45 x 68) – 127
-2mm game tiles – 2 rooms, 1 junction, 1 hallways
-plastic tray
-24 page Mission & Skirmish Mission book
-33 (34) plastic miniatures
-The Red Sister standing
-The Red Sister on motorcycle (pledge day one)
-Gun Desire
-Mr. Brick
-Arata Yamaguchi
-Lindon Paxton
-Johnny The Silver
-Big Girl
-Anti-riot Heavy Controller x 2
-Romper Stomper
-Terminals x 4 with colour rings
-Prison Medical Service x 2
-Yukio Nakamura
-Master Form
-Sophia Marantz
-Subject Zero
-TacTeam Officers x 4
-Psycho-Killers x 4
-Orphan 1
-Orphan 2
-Orphan 3

plus all Add-ons you have been chosen

That’s it, quite a lot. We hope that the production sample (this was taken some time ago) of the game is going to get here in a couple of weeks, and we can show you an unboxing vid. But as for now, we don’t have it on our hands. We are aware of how long it has been (really sorry for any inconvenience) but we are sure none the less that it’s components, their quality, gameplay and unique cyberpunk feeling will redress the waiting time.
The time is coming.

That’s all for today
The HINT team

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  • ‚hab HI auf der Spiel angezockt, ist für mich als Brettspiel zu umfänglich. Aber es soll ja auch Leute geben die Kingdom Death wiederholt als Kampagne durchspielen.

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