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The Genesys Project: Kickstarter läuft

Ein interessanter Kickstarter ist gestern gestartet.


Gary Krieger (AKA Natfka), after many years of playing board games, started playing miniatures wargames in 1998 and has run the incredibly successful wargaming news blog Faeit212 since 2004. Gary noticed over the years that many of the factions he played had special rules that he never used, and fantastic minis with rules that didn’t live up to their background. Also, when new editions of games were released, Gary found that some of the armies he had spent so much time learning to play well (not to mention the countless hours of making them look good), that changes to rules caused significant changes to how those armies played – not always for the better.

This was the starting point for The Genesys Project.

GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 1

The Genesys Project is a unit-based skirmish game, with games involving 30-50 models typically taking no more than two hours.

Over the last six years, Gary has been writing and playtesting The Genesys Project to create a rules system that gives players more control over their collections and the way they want to play. The Genesys Project not only provides a tactical wargame, but gives players to the means to create their own factions drawn from one of five Domains – building units of troop types using a detailed yet easily navigable system balanced with points values. Hundreds of playtesters the world over have been involved in the development and refining of the system, and no two factions created need be the same.

In addition to creating your own factions, The Genesys Project includes a campaign system that sees your army evolve and heroes emerge to lead it forward through the various Ages. The Birth of Genesys (1st AGE) is a fantasy/medieval/Renaissance setting, The Wars of Genesys (2nd AGE) is a near-future/dystopian/post-apocalyptic setting, while The Terminus of Genesys (3rd AGE) is a far-future setting. You and your gaming group have the opportunity to weave your own stories around the factions you create, setting your armies up to gain glory and be forever remember for their epic struggles!

This Kickstarter campaign is to fund a printed version of the first two books for The Genesys Project CORE RULES (a 96-page book) and The Genesys Project The Birth of Genesys  (a 144+ page book).

Pledge Levels

GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 2 GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 3 GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 4 GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 5 GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 6 GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 7 GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 8 GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 9


At the moment, only a couple of add-ons are planned. That may change during the campaign.

The Content of The Genesys Project – CORE RULES

Gary has completed writing the rules for The Genesys Project, and has had close to 1,000 playtesters in the beta test portion of the developmet. The book will include:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Genesys Words
  • Gaming Rules
  • Preparing your Forces
  • 10 Missions
  • Post-game Results for Campaign Play
  • And eight, pre-made 1st AGE factions, ready for you to start playing

As the name of this book suggests, these are the core rules for playing games of The Genesys Project. This is a unit-based skirmish game, so the rules are swift, and still contain a level of granularity to provide deeply satisfying games. The inclusion of the ready-made 1st AGE factions gives you a taste of what is possible when you move into the 1st AGE book.

The Core Rules are one set of rules that all the Ages of The Genesys Project will use.

Three Ages – One Core Set of Rules.

The Content of The Genesys Project – The Birth of Genesys

Gary is now finalizing and refining The Genesys Project – The Birth of Genesys (1st AGE), and has more than 100 different sample factions to draw from. The book will include:

  • Introduction
  • Lore of the Genesys Worlds
  • How To Build a Faction
  • The Humanoid Domain
  • The Biest Domain
  • The Fey Domain
  • The Reptilia Domain
  • The Insekt Domain
  • Pre-made 1st AGE factions for all five Domains

The Birth of Genesys (1st AGE) book is where The Genesys Project really sets itself apart. Most wargames provide players with a pre-determined army list of units to choose from, with little or no opportunity to adjust them to better fit a playstyle or miniatures collection. Here you get to choose from five different Domains, then work through and actually create each of your unit types (including their stats and traits) to create a faction that is unique to you.


Gary and the guys filmed a quick overview of the gameplay for The Genesys Project. Feel free to ask questions about it all in the Comments section.

Creating Factions

Creating your own faction for The Genesys Project is southing wonderfully unique in wargaming today. To give you a better idea of how you can go about that, Gary has put together a great preview document that includes some of the many Traits and Abilities for the Humanoid Domain. To download this PDF, follow the link HERE.

In addition: Gary and Josh are recording a series of mini-podcasts about creating a faction from the five Domains of Life. The Humanoid Domain is ready first, and the others will be added as we progress through the campaign.

What about miniatures?

GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 10 GP The Genesys Project The Birth Of Genesys 11

The Genesys Project is what is known as “miniatures agnostic”. This means that Gary doesn’t prescribe any particular miniatures or manufacturers from which you should buy you miniatures. Your armies can be drawn from anywhere and in any combination. It really is up to you, and we know that your own collection will definitely define your approach to the building your factions. Gary’s personal collection includes miniatures from companies like Atlantis Miniatures, Mantic, Mierce Miniatures, Raging Heroes, Verge of War, and Warlord Games.

As it is written in the Archives Encryption Project D4m6695;

The Creators came from beyond the silence of space and time. The stars were ripe with the building blocks of life, and the planets fertile in waiting. They seeded their own genetic material to grow and evolve, to be shaped by the young worlds they had found. They were our fathers and our gods. This was the beginning of all things; this was our Genesys.

Each world was seeded with enough genetic material necessary for its growth and development. While all were seeded similarly, each world was left to develop independent of the others, with their own unique variables, and its own variation bestowed by the seeds of life.

The Genesys Worlds were connected at birth, tied together by the original genetic codes that were implanted by the creators, and ultimately made unique by the processes of time and evolution. While we’re all connected by the Creator Species, what we are today is a mix of genetic mutation, environmental adaptation, and the influences of knowledge and science.

The Genesys Project was perhaps the greatest endeavor ever known by the gods, the Creators, but our existence was not to be the Eden of paradise meant for us.

The history of the Genesys Worlds is  fraught with times of tribulation and war, ultimately culminating in the threat of complete universal annihilation; during these times mere survival is a constant struggle. These ages of birth, upheaval, and death define our history through the most critical of moments, as we once again leave our history behind us, and ponder what is yet to come.


Gary Krieger Genesys Games “Why conquer worlds when you can simply create them?“ Gary has been involved in tabletop miniature wargaming since the late ’90s and is into all aspects of the hobby, including running Faeit 212, the popular „News and Rumor“ blog, for nearly a decade. Visit the blog HERE.

As an avid gamer Gary is deeply addicted to wargaming and the creation process of putting together armies and getting them to the table. The countless hours of list creation, modeling and painting is such an amazing process and he admires how this brings all walks of life together at the tables. 

With a love for all games, especially those that allow additional customization and narratives, whether in video gaming, RPGs, board games, or tabletop miniatures, the creation of The Genesys Project is a culmination of everything Gary loves about games. Creating the stories, the cinematic conflicts, writing your own backgrounds, and sharing them with people that are good friends and those that will soon be through the experience of gaming. 

Dave Taylor Miniatures – Gary and Dave have been corresponding for almost a decade, and for two years worked closely on the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation helping to raise tens of thousands of dollars for great charities here in the US and around the globe. Now that Dave Taylor Miniatures has run two very successful Kickstarters (Armies & Legions & Hordes and Terrain Essentials) and advised on many more, it seemed only sensible to work with Dave to bring The Genesys Project all the way to an actual physical product. Visit Dave’s site HERE

Manthos Lappas – Gary has just started working with the very talented Manthos Lappas on some artwork that will really set the scene for The Genesys Project. You can look forward to seeing a lot more of Manthos as the project continues. You can find more of Manthos‘ work on deviantart HERE.

Josh Dreweck – As lead playtester Josh has been around since the first time The Genesys Project rules hit the table. He was instrumental in finding and pulling in conceptual rules, abilities and powers that had at some point gone awry. 

Ryan Moore – Video and Audio producer for The Genesys Project as well as the occasional narrator, Ryan has spent considerable time editing and recording for this project as well as playtesting his own factions through The Genesys Project

Patrick Biron – Spending time and efforts in getting designing a conceptual logo for The Genesys Project and helping layout some of the original evolutionary branches within the Project. 

Cameren Moore – Long-time in-house playtester diving into the fray, really helping make certain rules are intuitive and exciting. 

Jason Sparks- Reverie Games. Open Beta Coordinator, helping to organize and set up the 14 month Open Beta we ran with over 900 people worldwide downloading the rules to help aid in creative process to refine and better the rules. 

900+ Playtesters from the Open Beta – A massive, 14-month excursion resulted in a tremendous amount of feedback from all over the world reaching deep into individual insights and gaming clubs. Everything that was sent in was read through and analyzed to really make certain that The Genesys Project is all that it could be.

In-House Playtesters – To all of you that spent your time checking out what we have going on here and/ or built a faction to hit the tables with, thank you. It was a wild 6 years, and without your effort and excitement for the game, we would not be here today.


We will be collecting shipping costs in the pledge manager, but we expect them to be approximately (for BOTH books): US – $15, UK/EU/Canada – $20, Oz/NZ – $30, Rest Of World – $45

Why Kickstarter?

Gary has been working on this project for the last six years, developing the game and the unique faction-design system with a team of dedicated volunteers and playtesters all around the world. Kickstarter is the best way to now actually fund the project in a very meaningful way and bring The Genesys Project to a much larger audience!

Das Projekkt kklingt definitiv spannend, und es sind einige bekannte Gesichter beteiligt. Wir bleiben definitiv dran und werden die Kampagne im Blick behalten.

Quelle: The Genesys Project: The Birth of Genesys


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  • Finde super!
    Da mach ich wohl wahrscheinlich mit.
    Ich hab zu viele minis im Schrank, wo ich das jeweilige System überhaupt nicht mehr mag, ich aber die Figuren nicht verstauben lassen möchte.
    Richtig geile Sache!

    • Im groben is es wohl so: Man Baut sich seine generische Fraktion (Sein Armebuch) selber zusammen. Wärende dem Spielen entwickelt sich das Armeebuch weiter, man erlangt zugriff auf weitere Spezialfertigkeiten, Ausrüstung, Zaubersprüche.

      Langsam steigt das Technologie Level an. Im Zweiten Zeitalter, spielt man in der Moderne bis Postapokalypse weiter. Hier sind Feuerwaffen, Fahrzeuge und mehr der Fokus.

      Bis es anschließend im dritten Zeitalter in die Zukunft geht, Power armours und ähnliches (Psi).

      Dabei entwickelt man seine eigene Fraktion immer weiter über die Verschiedenen Zeitalter. Spannend aber sicher auch ein einzigartiges und ergeiziges vorhaben.

  • mal sehen was raus wird, generische systeme (z.b. level2, Boundless Tactics) gefallen mir am besten,
    unterstützen kann ich es leider nicht und ausserdem wäre mir eine deutsche Version lieber.

    Wie bei Frostgrave (FAQ’s schon drin, Hardcover) und nicht wie bei Guild Ball, wo man den deutschen „vertrieb“ wechselt,
    um dann ein zu haben, der die Tabletop sparte ganz aufgibt 🙁

    • mein englisch ist leider sehr bescheiden,
      aber es scheint, das ein Angriffswurf mit einem Würfel durch geführt wird,
      das ist mir etwas zu Glücks abhäng, ein Würfel System ähnlich Warmchine/Hordes
      oder Boundless Tactics oder ganz anders so wie bei Guild Ball wäre für mich interessanter.

      Auch 2 oder 3 Würfel sind Glücks abhändig,
      aber mit zwei W6 ist die 7+ besser zu treffen als mit einem W6 die 4+

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