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The Ancient Ruined City: Kickstarter läuft

Ihr braucht noch Ruinen? Dann könnte dieser kleine Kickstarter etwas für euch sein.

Ancient Ruins KS11

FTD Scenery is proud to announce a new collection of miniature terrain set designed for 28/32mm Whether you’re playing warhammer, D&D, Frostgrave, Mordheim, Confrontation, or any miniatures-based wargame, The ancient ruin city will be a perfect addition to you table.

We are using top quality resin to achieve a very durable and solid product, this set is available in 3 principal versions, unpainted, painted and based & flocked versions and have infinite possibility of modularity especially with unbased version !

The set include 12 pieces :

  • 1 big ruined building
  • 2 medium ruined building
  • 2 big ruined corner
  • 1 medium „T“ ruined double corner
  • 1 small „T“ double ruined corner
  • 1 medium ruined double corner
  • 4 small to medium ruined corner

One set is enough to cover at least 45*45 cm or 18“cube of ruins and measure a total of 240 cm or 96“ of walls.

This set is declined in 3 versions:

  • Unpainted version

this version is not based and come in white color, grey on demand as you want, you can paint it easily, we recommand a prime coat before painting.

  • Painted version

This version is painted in 3 shades of grey , and 3 shades of brown for the wood, not based (photo bellow)

  • Based & Flocked version 

This version is based to  add more detail like scattered cobblestone, painted, and are very vegetalized for the green version with differents types of flocks, grass tuff and bush everywhere, and still keep a good modularity. (2nd photo bellow)

The base is made of solid 3 mm mdf

Ancient Ruins KS9 Ancient Ruins KS10 Ancient Ruins KS8 Ancient Ruins KS7 Ancient Ruins KS6

Es gibt zudem verschiedene Add-ons

Ancient Ruins KS1 Ancient Ruins KS2 Ancient Ruins KS3 Ancient Ruins KS4 Ancient Ruins KS5

Der Kickstarter hat sein Ziel bereits erreicht und läuft noch 18 Tage.

Link: The Ancient Ruined City auf Kickstarter


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