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Tabletop System: Gunplatop Preview

Ihr wolltet schon immer mal Eure Gundam-Modelle auf den Spieltisch schicken?

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 1

Gunplatop will allow you to deploy the models you already have on the battlefield into an interesting strategic wargame. 

You will be a Mobile Suit pilot fighting in the year 0079 of the Universal Century era.

1) Get from your showcase your favorite Mobile Suit model (scale 1/100 – 1/144 – 1/200, model kit / action figure …)

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 2

…and the stat card in question.
At the beginning of the game, check with a marker the weapons you want to keep equipped in the left and right hand of the Mobil Suit.

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 3

Depending on where you have your weapon equipped, you’ll have a different hit roll:

  • 4+ for weapons EQuipped M (Mounted on frame), L (in Left hand), RC (Remote Controlled, like funnels…)
  • 3+ for weapons EQuipped R (in Right hand)
  • 2+ for weapons EQuipped with both hands (R+L)

2) Fill the score at your disposal, adding upgrade cards that you consider necessary (max. 2).

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 4

3) Associate the pilot: choose a pilot card from the available ones or create a personal one following the indications of the regulation:

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 5

4) Get the TOKENS needed for the Mobile Suit (in addition to the newtype-one, if the pilot belong to that class)

The game starts with a first planning phase (the so called instinct phase), where you will have to choose and position 2 tokens corresponding to the actions you want to perform in the round.

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 6

This mechanism reproduces the frenzy of the fight, when there is no time to analyze the situation after activating each other in the activation. Ideally, the pilot will have to „put his fingers“ on the buttons he wants to press. Once all players have placed the tokens, the initiative will be established and the models will alternate in the activation.

Depending on how the action evolves, you will decide to „push the button“ even during your opponent’s turn with dodges, counter-attacks, etc. … If you combine the tokens at your disposal other you can get more different actions:

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 7

Throught different game modes you will revive, personally, all the epic battles of your favourite series:

Duel Mode
(recommended for first game sessions)

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 8

Tournament Mode
(recommended with multiple players)

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 9

Skirmish Mode
(recommended for the most experienced: you’ll control 3+ mobile suit)

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 10

Campaign Mode
(recommended for stable group of gamers, the most attractive and strategical)

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 11

In Campaign Mode, pilots will be able to gain new skills, through a Level-Up system linked to experience points gained in battles:
This category includes natural born newtypes, cyber newtypes and clones.

They are the aces of the combat: with their amplified reflexes and mental abilities they are the spearhead of each team.

This category includes builders,  mechanics, engineers,  and electricians.
They are an excellent support for quick repairs in combat
This category includes commanders, natural leaders and people with special charisma.
They coordinate team  members during the battle.
Each category has 9 exclusive special abilities and you can unlock them spending experience points gained in combat. These special abilities will enhance the performance of your Mobile Suit.
Having fun with your friends, you will quickly learn how to pilot your mecha.
The fast learning regulation makes it a great boardgame suitable for everyone.
Most experienced wargamers will appreciate the balance and multiplicity of actions available.
Box tokens will allow you to field up to 10 models at the same time!!!

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 12

From January 20th to February 19th
Base SET:
60 Mobil Suit cards*
70 poker size plastic tokens:
-10 attack buttons
-10 movement
-10 reload
-10 hold
-10 NewType
-10 Start / pass
-10 transformation
16 pilot cards*
16 upgrade cards*
8 „twist“ cards
8 „collateral damage“ cards
16 dices
1 regulation
1 hard plastic token holder

* help us to increase these amounts through Kickstarter stretch goals.

TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 13 TS Tabletop System Gunplatop 14

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