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Studio Miniatures: Kickstarterupdate

Studio Miniatures präsentieren ein Update zu ihrem aktuellen Kickstarter.

Studio Miniatures Kickstarterupdate 03


We have just added a picture of the first Viking Undead sculpt from Tatun. The sculpt has the shield arm and weapon arm attached for illustration purposes only as these will be separate pieces on the final product.
Tatun will now finish off the two extra packs of Greek Zombies and Persian Zombies before going back to work on the rest of the Viking packs. We will also ask him to squeeze in the first Anglo-Saxon sculpt as soon as he can so when we hit that stretch goal target we will have something to show you

Studio Miniatures Kickstarterupdate 01 Studio Miniatures Kickstarterupdate 02


We have just added two new packs for the Undead Greeks and two new packs for the Undead Persians. These four new packs are „Zombie Packs“ in that the miniatures carry no weapons and can fulfill the role of classic mindless undead or zombies as we usually call them

Each pack contains four advancing poses and one sprue of four heads, they can be chosen as part of your pledge level pack allocation. The sculpts have both full arms attached with only the heads separate to allow you to use any of the heads from that range!

We have also added an extra pack into the Viking Undead range – Archers!

This pack will contain four Viking undead warriors unarmoured with bows. The arms will be attached to the bodies as with all our undead archer miniatures and come with a sprue of four heads bareheaded.

Tatun is currently working on a test sculpt for the Anglo-Saxons and we expect to receive it in the next couple of days. Once he has finished that he will carry on with the Viking packs. We are half way to unlocking the Anglo-Saxons and with the same steady movement we had last week we should see them unlocked this weekend…then on to those Romans


Der Kickstarter läuft noch 11 Tage.


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