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Stoessi’s Heroes: Mai Neuheiten

Zwei Neuzugänge im Mai bei Stoessi’s Heroes.

Stoessi Vandeleur 01 Stoessi Vandeleur 02 Stoessi Vandeleur 03 Stoessi Vandeleur 04 Stoessi Vandeleur 05 Stoessi Vandeleur 06 Stoessi Vandeleur 07 Stoessi Vandeleur 08 Stoessi Vandeleur 09

British Army Brigadier – John Ormsby Evelyn ‘JOE’ Vandeleur – 11,60 Euro

As Commanding Officer of 3rd Battalion Irish Guards he led the breakout of XXX Corps during Operation Market-Garden. In the movie “A bridge too far” he is played by the famous actor Michael Caine:
Lt. General Horrocks:[…] “The Irish Guards, under the command of Colonel Vandeleur, will take the lead.”
Lt. Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur: [whispering to his adjutant] “Christ, not us again.”
Lt. General Horrocks: [Hearing Vandeleur’s statement to his adjutant] “What do you say to that, J.O.E?”
Lt. Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur: [getting up from his chair and addressing General Horrocks] “Uh, delighted, sir. Truly delighted.”

Stoessi AaronCook 01 Stoessi AaronCook 02 Stoessi AaronCook 03 Stoessi AaronCook 04

US Airborne Major – Julian Aaron Cook – 5,95 Euro

Julian Aaron Cook gained fame during WWII for his crossing of the Waal river during Operation Market Garden in 1944. As Cook’s first wave began their crossing, the wind blew away the smokescreen, leaving the men in the water open and visible to the German guns. As a Catholic, Cook loudly recited Hail Mary during the crossing, spurring his men on under the withering fire. He took charge of the boats and pushed the men along. Once ashore, they cleared the river bank, assaulted the railway bridge over the highway leading to the main road bridge in the village of Lent. Cook was subsequently awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

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