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Skytear: Kickstarter läuft

Ein neuer Brettspiel-Kickstarter läuft und ist erfolgreich gestartet.

Skytear is a card-driven miniatures game, inspired by MOBA video games.

Draft a team of legendary heroes from four asymmetric factions and push toward enemy temples together with your minions.
Play your cards wisely to achieve one out of three randomly picked win conditions… and may the power of Skytear be with you!

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 1 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 2

Das sind die Pledge Levels:

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 3 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 4

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 5 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 6 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 7 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 8 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 9 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 10 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 11

Painted Miniatures Examples

Miniatures will be pre-assembled and of the faction’s color. You will be able to easily paint them to whatever color scheme you prefer. We also plan to create a community art section on our website to get you inspired and allow you to share your creations.

To get this gallery started, we hired professional painters to paint the prototypes. Please note that these miniatures were 30mm scale; since then we’ve increased the scale to 45mm so they will be stronger and even more fun to paint!

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 12 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 13

Miniatures‘ Material

We will most likely use PVC 100. The number states the hardness of the plastic: the higher the number, the harder the material is, but the more details are possible as well. PVC 100 strikes a great balance between showing details and still allowing some flexibility in arms, weapons etc. which helps resist breakage.

The tooling masters you see painted below were made from resin: this is more brittle, less flexible, and harder, but therefore able to show more details. Resin is easier to use for samples and small runs: that’s why Panda GM (our manufacturer) used it.

45mm EPIC Miniatures‘ Scale

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 14

We decided to use this unusually big scale after playing the game with prototypes of different sizes.The eight oversized heroes really dominate the board and just feel like the right scale to us. 🙂

Das sind die aktuellen Stretch Goals:

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 15

Infos zum Spiel gibt es ebenfalls reichlich auf der Seite:

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Get the Rulebook

Download the rulebook here.

We are translating it to Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Polish.

Und es gibt Videos, darunter auch ein deutsches:

Add-ons gibt es auch, darunter z.B. Alternativmodelle einzelner Helden:

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Und Infos zum Hintergrund:

Skytear is the essence used by the Gods to create the world of Olan-Taa. The inhabitants, over time, learned how to tame this energy and channel it inside runes to leverage its magic potential and build their societies.

Below you can discover the 24 heroes of Skytear with the four deities they fight for.

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 28 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 29

Devotees to Kurumo, Crafter of War, are known for the valor and courage they demonstrate in battle.

They dwell in the Kingdom of Kaeno, the Eternal Flame, a landscape of basalt and ash surrounded by lava rivers and active volcanoes.

Its inhabitants have learned to live in harmony with their hostile environment, exploiting its resources to build a proud, honor-based, martial society.

Read the faction full background.

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 30 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 31

 The desert archipelago of Utsesh dwells beyond the cloud blanket that overhangs the fragmented world of Olan-Taa. Mainly composed of arid and lifeless sand wastelands, the islands of the realm are dominated by sumptuous buildings with elegant and imposing architecture.

Here, the devotees of Nupten – Ruler of Mind and Knowledge – embrace magic arts above other creatures‘ abilities and develop a complex, caste-based, society independent from natural resources.

The only energy the people of Utsesh need is Skytear in its purest form, and their desperate search for new sources inevitably leads them to challenge other Realms’ inhabitants to get the best supplies.

Read the full background of Nupten faction.

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 32 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 33

Olan-Taa. A world of myriad islands, beautiful and silent. Beneath the islands, however, a maze of twisting tunnels holds the realm of Xotlan.

The Skytear energy coursing through these tunnels overcomes the normal rules of both light and gravity.

The people of Xotlan worship Taulot, Keeper of the Underworld, who rewards their worship with swirling tattoos imbued with Skytear energies.

Read the full background of Taulot faction.

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 34 PVP Skytear Kickstarter 35

From their silent snow-covered land, Liothan’s followers flourish in the frozen tundra because of their affinity with nature and its changing forces.

Fused with animals or empowered by magical energies, they are steady and resolute in their search of the Skytear, the only source which can bring the lost splendor and vitality back to the Realm of Grialth, the Silent Life.

Read the full background of Liothan faction.

PVP Skytear Kickstarter 36

The Background of The Outsider

When released in high quantities, Skytear energies tend to regroup and create tangible forms as time passes. These forms are bound to their place of origin and shape themselves into sentient beings, wild and extremely aggressive: Outsiders. They can take on different features; as they’re generated by entropy, no single Outsider is exactly like the others.

The first Outsider to appear on the world of Olan Taa almost caused its destruction. Freed by Nupten servitors during one of the first Skytear manipulation experiments, it reached colossal dimensions very quickly. Its death, brought by joint forces from the Realms, generated an explosion that left permanent marks on the planet and almost caused the total extinction of all living beings.

During daily battles in the Olan Taa skies, Outsiders are often born from the clashes between floating islands. Thankfully, the limited Skytear quantities released keep those Outsiders to a manageable size. Furthermore, because of the Heroes’ Skytear manipulation mastery, the Outsiders can be easily weakened and sometimes bent to the Heroes’ will, exploited as unwilling allies.

Das Spiel ist bereits finanziert und die Kampagne läuft noch 18 Tage.

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  • Hi Leute, ich mach die deutsche Übersetzung und kann euch alle nur ermuntern eventuell einen Blick auf das Spiel zu werfen. Es gibt 45 mm Figuren und wer es testen will kann das online schon mal machen.

    Die Macher sind sehr zwei nette Jungs aus Italien die echt viel Zeit und Geld in das Spiel gesteckt haben. Es ist viel in der Hinterhand und Skytear ist ein sehr gutes Spiel mit geringem Zufall geworden.

  • Das Spiel selbst interessiert mich schon sehr…in letzter Zeit bin ich aber bei der letztendlichen Figurenqualität so oft enttäuscht worden, das ich bei einem KS dieser Größe als Erstlingswerk doch etwas vorsichtig geworden bin…aber vorgemerkt ist der KS sicherheitshalber trotdem mal

    • Wenn ich dir die Angst nehmen kann, sag mir bitte Bescheid. Ich hatte bisher die 35mm resin Version in der Hand. Jetzt wird es eine 45mm Serie mit pvc 100. Es gibt auch Bemal Videos mit de finalen Qualität und ich kann auch darum bitten dass es mal einen direkten Vergleich gibt. Wie gut soll es denn am Ende sein bzw. was ist deine Referenz. Vielleicht kann man eine kleine Gegenüberstellung machen.

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