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Skylabs Terrain: Previews

Skylabs Terrain zeigt Previews des neuen Geländestücks.

Skylabs Terrain Tower Skylabs Terrain Tower2 Skylabs Terrain Tower3 Skylabs Terrain Tower4 Skylabs Terrain Tower5 Skylabs Terrain Tower6 Skylabs Terrain Tower8 Skylabs Terrain Tower9

Watchtower Preview

I want to introduce the new member to the Skylabs family. This is the final production of the WatchTower (Finally painted). It will be on the web-site in a couple of days. Its technically two buildings in one as you can see in the pictures. It is 11″ tall total with a 7″ x 7″ lower building thats 4.5″ tall by itself. It has two removable doors (one sliding & on pop-out type) and removable windows. Hope you like it.

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