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Rubicon Models: Steyr 1500A Preview

Auf Facebook zeigen Rubicon Models in der Wochenendvorschau den Steyr 1500A.

Rubicon Models Steyr 1500A 3D Drawings 190801 1 Rubicon Models Steyr 1500A 3D Drawings 190801 2 Rubicon Models Steyr 1500A 3D Drawings 190801 3

Just happened our weekend teaser is on August 1st – a teaser and NEW Project of the Month… Introducing our Steyr 1500A light military vehicle! The Steyr 270 1500A or Steyr 1500A was a light military vehicle by Austrian manufacturer Steyr and was produced between 1941 and 1944. It was available in three versions, an eight-seater personnel transport (Kfz 70), a senior officer transport (Kfz 21), and a 2-ton light truck (Steyr 2000A). The Kfz 70 was the most produced. The military designation 1500A stands for a vehicle with a load capacity of 1500kg and „A“ for all-wheel drive. A total of 12,540 vehicles were produced. Our focus will be on the Steyr 1500A/01, and „might“ work on the other two variants at a later stage. Enjoy!

Quelle: Rubicon Models auf Facebook


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