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Rubicon Models: Neue Previews

Rubicon Models präsentieren neue Preview Bilder auf Facebook.

Rubicon Models Neue Previews 01 Rubicon Models Neue Previews 02 Rubicon Models Neue Previews 03 Rubicon Models Neue Previews 04 Rubicon Models Neue Previews 05

The final version of the M4 Sherman for our studio diorama is now completed.

The M4 Sherman (280060) is fitted with stowage from our Allies Stowage Kit (280033).

Next step will be adding some tank riders on top of the war machine. More WIP images soon. Enjoy!

Rubicon Models Neue Previews 06 Rubicon Models Neue Previews 07 Rubicon Models Neue Previews 08 Rubicon Models Neue Previews 09 Rubicon Models Neue Previews 10 Rubicon Models Neue Previews 11

Our weekend teaser for this week… M4 Sherman with Tank Riders!

This is Phase 1 of our Studio Diorama „At the Crossroad“ by Rico Chia… Talking about scale and human proportion, our figures are true-to-scale and that’s why we can fit them all on top of a Sherman tank just like in real life!

Count them yourself – we have 16 US infantrymen, 1 tank commander and 2 tank crew on top of the Sherman, and that includes the extra stowage that we had posted previously. Everything is from our own Rubicon Models product range too!

Some figures are slightly converted or customised to create the interactions needed for this diorama.

Figures are from:

284020 US infantry patrolling (pewter)
284035 US infantry shooting (pewter)
2840xx US infantry scouting (pewter)
284053 LVT-2 & LTV-4 crew (pewter)
284066 US tank riders (pewter)
284001 US infantry seating set 1 (pewter)
284002 US infantry seating set 2 (pewter)
284070 US tank crew (plastic)



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