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Rubicon: Higgins LCM und Carro Armato Preview

Rubicon Models zeigen für das Higgins LCM(3) die Verpackung und im Weekend Teaser werden Konzeptzeichnungen des italienischen Carro Armato M13/40 gezeigt.

Rubicon Models Higgins LCM(3) Packaging 190110 1

Rubicon Models Higgins LCM(3) Packaging 190110 2 Rubicon Models Higgins LCM(3) Packaging 190110 3 Rubicon Models Higgins LCM(3) Packaging 190110 4 Rubicon Models Higgins LCM(3) Packaging 190110 5

From community feedback, we know the outlook of a product is very important, it had to be nice but practical. This is our solution for the Higgins LCM(3)… Three layers of foam with cutouts to protect parts from getting damaged. All resin parts are factory cleaned and ready for immediate assembly. No additional cleaning required. Come with A4-size assembly instruction. All parts are clearly labelled preceded by either a letter R for resin or M for metal. A special assembly jig (R14) is included to make sure your LCM hull assembly is perfect! The LCM(3) will be available soon as a limited release!

Rubicon Models Carro Armato M13:40 1

Rubicon Models Carro Armato M13:40 2 Rubicon Models Carro Armato M13:40 3 Rubicon Models Carro Armato M13:40 4 Rubicon Models Carro Armato M13:40 5

Weekend teaser for the 2nd week of 2019… our first Italian tank in resin – the Carro Armato M13/40. Some might be disappointed about „Why resin and not plastic“? Not that we don’t want to, but our mould making queue is so long now, it will take over a year to make this happen. We have already put in extra design efforts so that we can turn this resin kit into a plastic version anytime we want. Once the queue has reached a reasonable waiting period, we will try to put the M13/40 into the queue. For now, it had to be in resin. These 3D drawings are still a work in progress! Enjoy!


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