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Prodos: AvP Fan Mini

Prodos Games veröffentlicht als kleinen Tribut an einen verstorbenen Fan die STL Dateien für eine besondere Miniatur.

Prodos AvP Backer Marine Prodos AvP Backer Marine2 Prodos AvP Backer Marine3

Prodos – AvP – Backer-Marine

!!!RIP mate, it’s been long 5 years, but we mate it after all!!!!!! Something special today. Back in the dark ages of Prodos AvP Kickstarter one of our backers passed away. We wanted to make something special for him and his family as he was a huge fan of AvP Universe, so we sculpted a model based on his face (family provided a picture and accepted the idea). Unfortunately, overseers at Fox did not share our excitement and the model was canceled. So I was waiting patiently, waiting for the license to over to pass post-license sale agreement and now I can release it as a fan-made model for you in STL form. If you own 3D printers here is the file: I uploaded in onto wetransfer, the download may be limited to few hundreds if that happens to please someone else share it on another platform. https://we.tl/t-uXsebMSQgc And that’s not the end of surprises, stay tuned!

Quelle: AvP Official FB Group

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