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Privateer Press – Skorne Januar Releases

Privateer Press hat für den Januar neue Skorne Modelle veröffentlicht

Die drei neuen Modelle sind alle am 11.1. erschienen und ergänzen die „The Exalted“ Themenliste. Passend dazu gibt es den Supreme Guardian aus unserer früheren News auch nachwievor Versandkostenfrei über PPs Black Anchor Heavy Industries Programm.

PP Immortal Vessel

Immortal Vessel (14,99$)

Following the unconventional path laid by Zaal, the Ancestral Advocate, the extoller caste has redefined its destiny, and now its most esteemed members no longer fear the Void. Some whose service to Zaal has been exemplary are allowed to transcend death to become immortal vessels, a stature below the full exalted yet preserved for eternity in stone. These vessels serve as conduits for the mortitheurgical power of warlocks and can guide destructive magics to smite those marked for death by the ancestors.

PP ExtollerNovitiate

Extoller Novitiate (12,99$)

Becoming a full extoller is an arduous process, one with many trials where failure can result in death. Yet even novitiates who have yet to sacrifice an eye to gain their oculus can be useful on the battlefield. Each one labors day and night, carving the stone forms of the exalted, and through this skill, they can restore those damaged in battle or help quicken them to action. They are not warriors, but each wields a hammer augmented to shape stone, which can as easily be used to shatter the skull of any unwary foe that lingers nearby.

PP AbidantheKeeper

Abidan the Keeper (16,99$)

Some few immortals prove exceptional enough to earn esteemed recognition. In life, Abidan was a skilled warrior, though from a family of little standing. In death, he has won glory and honor denied him in life. He was shattered in a clash inside Ios, where he fought back to back with Hakaar the Destroyer. When the extollers recovered his sacral stone and the exalted ancestors spoke his praises, a new, more ornate form was granted him, and so he became the Keeper. Given a special place among the immortals, he fights to safeguard those around him, moving to intercept blows intended for his ancient companions.

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Jungredakteur für den Brückenkopf - Spielt: Viel Warmachine (Convergence of Cyriss / Minions), fast alles andere was Privateer so vertreibt, wenn es sich ergibt auch mal Infinity (Tohaa) oder irgendwas mit meinen Skelett Horden.

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