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Privateer Press – Grymkin 2019 Previews

Die Grymkin bekommen in 2019 Verstärkung und Privateer Press zeigt passend zum CID der Modelle die Konzepte

Für alle die keinen eigenen Zugriff auf das CID Forum haben, zeigen wir euch hier die Konzeptzeichnungen und kurzen Erklärungen zu den geplanten Modellen. Da die Modelle gerade für das öffentliche Testen freigeschaltet wurden ist nichts davon festgeschrieben und kann sich bis zum finalen Release noch ändern.

PP Warhorse

Neigh Slayer War Horse

Neigh Slayers are rambunctious gremlins who can’t tell the difference between playtime and murder. We wanted to give the Neigh Slayers a couple more options than just „run at enemy, hit with lance, repeat,“ by giving them a menu of special rules to vary up their game play. Each special rule should personify some kind of different playtime activity, and aid the Neigh Slayers in different situations. Grievous Wounds for example, is sorely lacking in Grymkin in general, and this should give the army a good way to handle enemy healing. Conversely, Parry and Annoyance should help them get unstuck from combat and inhibit enemy counter-attacks. Lastly, Continuous Fire and Flame Burst should help them get slightly more favorable trades with enemy light infantry when they don’t have anything heavier to hit.

PP Piggyback Officer

Piggyback Officer

Oink oink here he comes! The Piggyback Officer adds a bunch of cool rules to Piggybacks to really amp up their defensive game play as well as giving them some disruptive game play options, and helping them stay in Shield Wall. Defensive Formation is a once-per-game ability to gain Reposition 5″ and then become affected by Shield Wall, so it allows them to charge enemies and then get back into a defensive position. Additionally, the Officer gives the unit Retaliatory Strike while he is alive, which will punish your opponent for swinging at the unit. Lastly, their Bulldoze Tactics gives them a useful scenario presence, by bumpin‘ models around (or out of scenario zones).

PP Malady Man

Malady Man

Nothing seems more Grymkin than a devilish songster who enchants you with his tunes while his murderous monkey companion bites his way through your infantry. The Malady Man (and his monkey) are a small two-mankey unit that provides some control for you and some spacing problems for your opponent. The Malady Man himself has a bevy of bewitching spells that makes life difficult for your opponent. Also, when needed, he can really turn the dial up to 11 and let the monkey loose, where it goes on a homicidal killing spree. Don’t worry, when the monkey finally falls, another pops up next turn. Lastly, he can turn his melody upon his own allies to increase their movement as they rampage across the battlefield towards their enemy with Desperate Pace for Grymkin units.

PP Baron Tongue

Baron Tonguelick, Lord of Warts

A caster attachment for Grymkin! Lord Tonguelick is a dapper, arcane support attachment with some light control elements. We wanted to play up his versatility, because each of the Defiers are so unique, it is challenging to create something that is universally appealing, so we opted to give him a lot of varied tools. His arcane support is useful (free upkeeps impacts each Defier), and Parlay can help protect the more fragile or forward Warlocks. He can also himself play a little more forward, and lay down some light control elements by, uhm, „emitting“ a debilitating cloud and reaching out with his exceptionally long tongue.

PP Grave Ghoul

Grave Ghoul

A body snatchin‘, grave diggin‘, corpse… slingin‘ (?) Grymkin solo, that much like Baron Tonguelick, has a variety of applications. He collects corpses from nearby models (friendly and enemy), and can spend them to give you re-rolls, or force your opponent to re-roll. Additionally, he can use his magic shovel to dig in your models, providing them with a little bit more ranged defense. Also, when push comes to shove, he can really give undead models a solid boppin‘ with his shovel. He is definitely intended to be a second wave model, providing support aspects to your army as they move up the table, and then going in for the kill, or hampering your opponents ability to hit with their return strike. Also, with Pathfinder and Prowl, he is excellent at stalking the terrain to set up the perfect attack or be difficult to pin down.

Quelle: Privateer Press CID Forum


Jungredakteur für den Brückenkopf - Spielt: Viel Warmachine (Convergence of Cyriss / Minions), fast alles andere was Privateer so vertreibt, wenn es sich ergibt auch mal Infinity (Tohaa) oder irgendwas mit meinen Skelett Horden.

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    • Sie passen IMO allerdings optisch einfach nicht in die Iron Kingdoms, da können die noch so sehr „seit jeher“ Bestandteil des Fluffs/der Welt gewesen sein. Das passt für mich einfach nicht!

      • Es soll Fluf-technisch mit den kommenden Release der Infernals zusammenpassen. Die Infernals kommen um die Rechnung für die Magie einzufordern mit der die IK die Orgoth vor langer Zeit besiegt haben, und die Grymkin sind irgendwie das Gegenmittel dazu.

        Persönlich finde ich Grymkin die schlimmste Fraktion momentan, sie passen nicht in den Fluff, aber kriegen als Mini-Fraktion dennoch einen Haufen neuer Minis nach knapp 1 Jahr Vollrelease.

  • Naja, die letzte ‚richtige‘ WM/H Fraktion war ja ultra lahm. Einfach nur Altbekanntes in türkis. Gerade die WM Fraktionen haben mich aber auch nie wirklich gereizt. Und zu den meistens Hordes Fraktionen passen die auch ganz gut finde ich.
    Wenn ich mal wieder was Zeit und Platz habe ist ein kleines Projekt for DR oder eventuell Saga:Fantasy jedenfalls fest eingeplant.

  • Ich dachte immer, die Grymkin sollten nur ein One-Off sein… Dafür erhalten die aber nun doch schon eine ganze Reihe von Releases.

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