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Plastic Soldier Company: Battlegroup Pacific War

Auf Facebook zeigen Plastic Soldier Company erste Ausblicke auf Battlegroup Pacific War.

Plastic Soldier Company Battlegroup Pacific War Preview

Coming soon…

Plastic Soldier Company Battlegroup Pacific :72 Steyr Heavy Car Plastic Soldier Company Battlegroup M4A2 Preview

Friday News!

Good news… the 1/72 Steyr Heavy Car has had the mould completely redone and the new mould is at the factory, so this will be our September release!

October will see the M4A2 arriving just in time for the Pacific… hint, hint…

November… not sure, it’s been suggested that it’s time for us to do the Sdkfz 250 Neu or the Soviet Gaz AAA truck in 15mm and 20mm? What ya reckon?

Finally we had hoped to have the Battlegroup Reprint Store open today, but time has escaped us due to some software gremlins… as we are off to Colours we will get it up and running next week, so next Friday will be Battlegroup Reprint Day!

Quelle: Plastic Soldier Company auf Facebook


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