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Perry Miniatures: Neuheiten

Perry Miniatures präsentieren ihre Neuheiten auf Facebook.

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NEW WW2 Vehicles

We have just received six new resin vehicles from Blitzkrieg Miniatures. There are three ‚Stuarts‘ (the British term for the M3 and M5 series of tanks) and three Italian reconnaissance vehicles, the AB 40, 41 and 43 plus the ‚Sahariana‘ AS 42. The latter was designed for and used in the desert but carried on in Sicily, Italy with 46 of the vehicle captured and used by a Fallschirmjager division. They carried on being used to the end of the war in Europe. The Autoblinda 43 which comes as an option with the AB 41 was mainly used by the Wehrmacht after the Italian Armistice.

Blitzkrieg Miniatures 1/56 scale
BM 89 M3 Light tank
BM 90 M5 Light tank
BM 91 M5A1 Light tank
BM 92 Camionetta ‚Sahariana‘ AS 42
BM 93 Autoblinda 40
BM 94 Autoblinda 41/43


Stellvertretender Chefredakteur Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2002 im Hobby und spielt folgende Systeme: Age of Sigmar, Infinity, Warzone Resurrection, Bolt Action, FOW, Warhammer 40K, Dreadball, Saga, Freebooters Fate, Black Powder, Pike and Shotte, Space Hulk, Dead Mans Hand, Bushido, Malifaux, Dropzone Commander, Dropfleet Commander, Gates of Antares, Kings of War, Wild West Exodus, Batman, Collision, Dystopian Wars, Draculas America, Spitfyre, Kill Team, Summoners, Eden, SW Legion und Wolsung.

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