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North Star: Old Fantasy Celts

Blast from the Past – North Star Military Figures veröffentlicht eine alte Serie von Fantasy-Kelten aus den 90er erneut.

Norths Star Celts1 Norths Star Celts2 Norths Star Celts3 Norths Star Celts4 Norths Star Celts5 Norths Star Celts6 Norths Star Celts7 Norths Star Celts8

Fantasy Kelten – North Star Military Figures – Set 17,50 GBP (später 35,00 GBP)

Celt Collection.
We will be releasing a range of Celt Warriors originally made in the 1990s soon, but I’ve put together a pre-order discount deal of one of each for collectors now.
You will be able to buy them singularly later on.

The figures will be ready week beginning 14th April 2019.

All the figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted.

Mein erster Gedanke war – Celtos Minis? aber North Star erklärt den Ursprung der Minis wie folgt:

No, pre-Celtos. They were made by Fantasy Forge, who went out of business and then returned as Urban Mammoth and produced Celtos. These Celts were part of Fantasy Forges‘ plan to do a Slaine game.

Quelle: North Star Military Figures FB

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