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North Star Military Figures: Neuheiten

North Star zeigt Neuheiten für Frostgrave und Gaslands.

North Star Military Figures Interceptor Pilot

North Star Military Figures – Interceptor Pilot

Gaslands Refuelled. The Interceptor Pilot. This is the first figure in a new range of (roughly) 20mm metal figures designed to accompany our Implements of Carnage plastic frame. Available to buy soon, the complete range is coming January 2020.

North Star Military Figures FG Neu

North Star Military Figures – Frostgrave

Sneak preview of two of the new metal figures designed on the opponents you’ll face in Perilous Dark.
The Ballista Construct and Borock, Half-Minotaur Gnoll leader. (Plastic wizard in the middle for scale).

Quelle: North Star FB

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