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Modiphius: Neue Infinity RPG Bücher

Etwas außerhalb des Fokus – aber als Hintergrundinfo, Inspiration und zum lesen ganz brauchbar – neue Bücher für das Infinity Rollenspiel aus dem Hause Modiphius.


Ariadna Supplement – Infinity RPG – 18,99 EUR

The first great expedition to the stars, Project: DAWN, began with enormous enthusiasm and unprecedented collaboration, but ended in tragedy and isolation. Despite being severed from support, and certain in the knowledge they had been abandoned, the pioneers from the colony ship Ariadna refused to waver from their purpose. Alone and forsaken, they bent themselves to the task of surviving on a cold and hostile world.

Since then, the people of Dawn have faced down the bloodthirsty Antipodes and reforged themselves through the Separatist Wars. More recently, following their rediscovery by humanity at large, they fought off the greedy tendrils of the hypercorps during the Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts before accepting a seat amongst the G-5 nations. For Dawn is rich in Teseum, that most precious of metals for which humanity’s lust will never be sated, providing Ariadnans with the ultimate bargaining chip.

Renowned for being proud, forthright, and hardy, Ariadnans will happily brawl amongst themselves if given the opportunity. The other nations, however, have learnt the wisdom in not provoking the hornet’s nest, as they soon pull together to doggedly defend their homeland and ideals. This sourcebook will allow you to experience Dawn as never before!

  • Details on all four Ariadnan cultures — Rodina, Merovingia, Caledonia, and USAriadna, and the state of their union.
  •  Focused Lifepaths that allow players to become truly Ariadnan, whether Human, Wulver, or Dogface.
  • Additional armour, equipment, and adversaries specific to Dawn, including the famed Buffalo armour of the Blackjacks, and stats for the mysterious Unknown Ranger.
  • Expanded rules for undertaking trade and seeking profit amongst the Merovingian trade caravans.

You will receive a FREE PDF on completion of purchase.



Haqqislam Supplement Infinity RPG Haqqislam Supplement Infinity RPG 2 Haqqislam Supplement Infinity RPG 3 Haqqislam Supplement Infinity RPG 4

Haqqislam Supplement – Infinity RPG – 18,99 EUR

The Haqqislamite movement found traction in a world riven by political turmoil and economic crises. Its greatest messenger, Farhad Khadivar, advocated a new ideology that wove together the many complex threads of the old into a New Islam. This philosophical and theological revision of long-standing interpretations, which shed intolerance and oppressive dogma in favour of humanism and a concept known as the Search for Knowledge, laid the foundations for a golden age of reforms and advancements that propelled a nation across the stars.

Since finding a home on Bourak, Haqqislam has experienced a rebirth of artistic and scientific pursuance that is the envy of their rivals. Gardeners refine terraforming techniques that have reshaped an arid world, doctors perform miracles with pioneering surgery, and biochemists cultivate new synthetic wonders with Silk. Though often considered one of the smallest of the G5 nations, Haqqislam remains unrivalled in several arenas.

A Silk monopoly and extensive trade routes have spawned a nation of traders that often draw the envy and ire of competitors, though the Sword of Allah stands ever ready to smite the enemies of the Word. With new insights into the New Islam and its proponents, this sourcebook will take you further into the Search for Knowledge than ever before!

  • Details on Bourak and its diverse regions — Al Medinat, Funduq, Iran Zhat Al Amat, Gabqar, Norouz, and Alamut.
  • Focused Lifepaths that allow players to tread the Search for Knowledge, including Akbar Doctors, Khawarij, and new Hassassin careers.
  • Additional armour, equipment, and adversaries specifi c to Haqqislam, including the famed Akrep TAGs of the Maghariba Guard, and stats for the enigmatic Husam, Yasbir.
  • New rules and campaign guidance for plundering the space lanes as a corsair in the employ of Haqqislam.

You will receive a free PDF upon completion of order.

Link: Modiphius

BK-Herr Kemper

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  • Oh..das sieht nach schönem Lesefutter für den Urlaub aus. Jetzt muss ich nur noch einen Händler in Deutschland finden, der die Bücher verkauft

  • Schöne Bücher, keine Frage, aber leider habe ich durch die langen Lieferzeiten komplett das Interesse an dem Zeug verloren.
    ps.: bin echt neugierig, wann ich meine zwei Büchern, die RPG-Würfel und RPG-Miniaturen bekomme!!!

    • okay… nur der Neugier halber: auf welche Bücher wartest du?

      Hatte selber seinerzeit mitgemacht – Würfel und Minis habe ich auf der Spiel in Essen vor 2 Jahren abgeholt – CoreRules und Player’s Guide sind auch schon mehr als ein Jahr bei mir IIRC… war halt alles Wave #1 Zeug 🙂 – und selbst das hat ja lange genug gedauert.

    • Kommt meistens darauf an wieviele Lieferungen man mit gepledged hat. Ich hatte die Würfel und RPG Figuren schon als erstes vor langer Zeit mit GRW/Player´s Guide/adventures in the Human Sphere und noch was. Solltest mal Deinen Pledgemanager checken!

      • Hier mal meine Liste, ich hatte nur den Basis-Pledge, wollte nur Minis und Würfeln fürs Tabletop plus Bücher für meine gespielten Fraktionen, in Summe 90Pfd, bis heute nichts bekommen !!

        Qty: 1 x £18.00 – Basis-Pledge
        Ariadna Supplement (Print)

        Qty: 1 x £8.00
        RPG Miniatures Set
        Qty: 1 x £32.00
        Yu Jing Player’s Dice Set
        Qty: 1 x £20.00
        Yu Jing Supplement (Print)
        Qty: 1 x £12.00

        We received your order – yes
        Your order has been locked – yes
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        Your order has shipped – no

    • Ich hätte sie auch lieber auf Deutsch, bin eh ehr lesefaul und gerade bei Fiktion finde ich Englisch schon anstrengender. Ich bleib immer an vermeindlich unbekannten Wörten hängen und merke nach 2 Sekunden das es sich um einen Namen handelt, das stört den Lesefluss extrem.

      ABER: Ich ich glaube nicht das es jemals eine Übersetzung geben wird. :/

      Mich interessieren auch nur dise beiden Publikationen, das RPG ansich eigendlich garnicht. Daher muss man eh erstmal sehen ob sich das ansatzweise lohnt. Ich war mal so blöd mir einen 40k Codex zu kaufen weil mich der Fluff interssiert hat. 😀

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