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Midblight Miniatures: Kickstarter Preview

Midblight Miniatures kündigt einen Kickstarter für einige interessante Charaktere an.

Midblight Miniatures Kickstarter Preview

It’s about time I inflicted a few of my own little Midblight Miniatures creations on this bizarre simulation (right?).
-Am looking at running a ‚modest little Kickstarter‘ for these (plus a few amusing cheeky extras squeezed in, if I can) toward the end of Septembers..

I’ve got a clever shadowy advisor assisting with the technical side of things (I’m good at doodling. and summoning monsters.. pretty decent in a PostOffice environment also… so you’ll be in reasonably safe hands)…

Will update as I progress… (party time with a motley collection of my fellow GW ’survivors‘ from another century later this afternoon) 🥳


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