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Mad Robot Miniatures: Neue Previews

Mad Robot Miniatures präsentieren neue Preview Bilder auf Facebook.

Mad Robot Miniatures Neue Previews 01 Mad Robot Miniatures Neue Previews 02 Mad Robot Miniatures Neue Previews 03

Here is an exploded view of the Galahad Battle Tank. Hopefully this will answer questions about how things will fit together. NOTE: A few changes to some parts have taken place since these shots were taken, these are only intended to give you a basic idea of how things will fit together.

Pre-orders on these tank kits begin this Friday, the 21st. There will only be 50 available for pre-order.

If you have questions, please ask. The other 2 variants will be explored in posts later this weekend.

Mad Robot Miniatures Neue Previews 04

Here is a breakdown of the 1st Galahad variant, the Striker. The only difference is the turret. This pic also shows a layout of the alternate turret weapons pack that will be available separately upon release.

Pre-orders will start Friday June 21st as www.madrobotminiatures.com

Mad Robot Miniatures Neue Previews 05

Here is the 2nd and final variant of the upcoming Galahad Battle Tank. This one is called the Fireball.

The traditional turret is changed out for a more fixed structure and a different manlet. All the weapon options will fit this turret variant except for the Conker Cannon, which has the manlet attached to it.


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