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Lucid Eye: Gulial The Nephilim

Ein weiterer Neuzugang der Ziggurat-Reihe von Lucid Eye.

Lucid Gulial Lucid Gulial2

Gulial The Nephilim – 10,00 GBP

One 28mm scale white metal figure provided with one 30mm display base. Sculpted by Steve Saleh.


Thus, emerging from the host set upon the Plains Of Headt, before the Walls of Arhman, did I see him: Gulial, Lord of the Peoples of the Sea . Clad all in bronze, gold and silver, the glint of stars within his gaze. He held an immense wicked and barbed spear, and lo, many cubits high was he.The sound as he strode upon the grass was as whispers of dread and when he called my name, it was a thunder rolling through the Vale of Darkness. 

He spoke long to me, but of only one thing: Death, for that is all he knew. He saw and stilled the fear within me and comforted me saying, ‚Fear not, there is no pain‘. 

With that, he smote me down.

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