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Lewis Collins: The Fantasy Four Kickstarter

Ein kleiner Kickstarter für vier Fantasy Charaktere.

Lewis Collins Fantasy 4 Ks

Das Projekt:

Welcome everyone, my name is Lewis Collins and this is a small project of four traditionally sculpted miniatures aimed at gamers and painters. the models have been sculpted so that they can be base coated and washed and look great, whilst at the same time providing a lot of enjoyment for painters who want to take them that bit further.

Living in Nottingham means that I’m lucky enough to live down the road from the casting company (Warbanner), which means i get to quality check every cast and oversee the whole process, and being a painter and hobbyist myself i know what type of quality I expect from products, and only the best will do!

The company (Warbanner) I have casting for me are big in the industry and have had years of experience both casting and distributing, which means maximum efficiency after this project hopefully funds.

I have a huge passion as i know most of you do for what we call ‚The old style‘ of miniatures and that’s really what i wanted to capture with this project. I really wanted to make it easy for gamers to just put a base coat and a wash over these miniatures and for them to come to life with good contrast and pacing of detail. But on the other hand i also wanted them to be a good challenge for more seasoned painters with a lot of room to play with, and with the current feedback they’ve been getting it seems to have worked!

Bellow are individual pictures of the Four and Postage Values for shipping across the world.

Die Minis:

Lewis Collins Fantasy 4 Ks2 Lewis Collins Fantasy 4 Ks3 Lewis Collins Fantasy 4 Ks4 Lewis Collins Fantasy 4 Ks5

  • je Mini 6,00 GBP
  • Set (4 minis) 20,00 GBP



3.600+ GBP (Ziel 300 GBP)

ca. 200 Backer

Ende: 19. Februar 2019 00:59 CET


Link: Lewis Collins: The Fantasy Four Kickstarter

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