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Knuckleduster: Neuheiten

Im Western was neues. Bei Knuckleduster.

Knuckleduster RanchersWagon

Rancher’s Wagon – 18,00 USD

The Rancher’s Wagon is based on the most common type of basic work wagon you would find in the late 1800s, a 1500lb. farm wagon. Chuck wagons, „Texas Wagons“ and other vehicles share the same basic design and chassis. The model includes:

Metal running gear (wheelsand undercarriage parts) and harness parts (trees, evener, etc.), a metal seat with separate spring assemblies, a metal-cast rider, two metal-cast horses, and a resin-cast wagon bed.

Knuckleduster Deluxe Set Cart

Gunfighter’s Ball Deluxe Starter Set – 75,00 USD

If you’re planning on purchasing the hardbound rulebook, consider the Deluxe Starter Set instead. It includes the Black Deck, a variety pack of figures (Cowtown Characters), dice, and the Character Card booster pack (includes cards for the Cowtown Characters and 14 others). The set is offered at approximately 15% off individually-priced items.

Knuckleduster Wateringholecart

Gunfighter’s Ball Watering Hole Terrain Deal – 150,00 USD

Give your Wild West game terrain a head-start with this collection of Gunfighter’s Ball buildings, figures, and scatter terrain! The set features laser-cut MDF buildings with metal detail parts, Gunfighter’s Ball bystander figures with MDF bases, and scatter terrain in both resin and metal.


Cowtown store

Cowtown smitty

Cowtown saloon

Small corral


Saloon bar set (resin bar and metal detail parts)

Standing saddle horses sets x 2 (4 horses total)

Street accessories set (hitching posts, water trough, rain barrels, benches, etc.)

Blacksmith, shopkeeper w/broom, bartender wiping mug

Knuckleduster Interorroom

Interior Wall Upgrade – 5,00 USD

Add a room to the inside of a cowtown building with this mod kit. Includes two walls, 2″ x 3″, with a wall height of 2.25″.

Includes a metal door and door frame for the 2″ wall.

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