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Knights of Dice: Scatter Terrain

Knights of Dice haben zwei neue Scatter Terrain Sets veröffentlicht.

KoD Chests And Barrels

Chests and Barrels – 14,00 AUD

Every Fantasy setup needs copious amounts of ubiquitous Chests and Barrels! This kit contains 5x Chests and 5x Barrels that are incredibly easy to construct and will add some nice scatter detail to your fantasy village or dungeon setups.

KoD Police Riot Barriers 1 KoD Police Riot Barriers 2 KoD Police Riot Barriers 3 KoD Police Riot Barriers 4

Police Riot Barriers – 12,00 AUD

While civil disobedience is officially outlawed by the corporate rulers of Easy District, demonstrations are a common sight on the neon lit streets, more often than not escalating into full blown riots. Okami Police Inc have numerous ways of dispersing the crowds, and often take refuge behind these self erecting Cyclops security smart barriers.

This kit is constructed from 1.8mm MDF and 3mm Transparent Red Acrylic pieces that really pop when put on the table. It contains 5x Police Riot Barriers, and make excellent high tech cover for games such as Reality’s Edge, Infinity, Necromunda, Killteam, Warhammer 40k, Shadowrun or other Sci-fi gaming.

This kit was designed by Tobias Kornemann

Quelle: Knights of Dice


Seit 2010 im Hobby. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Harad, Khand und Ostlinge), Saga Ära der Magie (Die Untoten Legionen), WarmaHordes (Crucible Guard, Söldner und Circle), Summoners (Erde), Konflikt 47 (Briten)

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