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Khurasan Miniatures: Neue Previews

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren neue Preview Bilder auf Facebook.

Khurasan Miniatures Neue Previews 01

In the mid 21st century most of the major combines have colonies on the Moon as well as several of the planets and their moons. These are largely “populated” by robots, the most common being the prospector utility rovers, about the size of a small car. These typically have claw arms to manipulate the ore, and laser cutters. These robots can make war on each other for control of a mining sector, or defend themselves from attack by US special forces. When the likelihood of this sort of combat is high, some rover bots can be repurposed for specifically military purposes, with a missile launcher mounted instead of the arm/laser combo.

These will be part of our moon war range, coming soon. The US rovers and USMC ETO will be the first release, followed by the extraterrestrial forces of the Latin American Union.

Khurasan Miniatures Neue Previews 02

The Latin American Union’s “astrocol,” short for astromóvil colonial, is the main robotic utility rover of the Union. Like the US rover it has an arm and laser cutter combo as its main equipment, but it can be militarized as shown here with a missile system.

These robots fight those of opposing combines or defend themselves from strikes by human ET special forces. This line is well underway and I hope to have the USMC ETO and the US robot rover released soon.


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