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Khurasan Miniatures: Neue Previews

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren neue Preview Bilder auf Facebook.


Khurasan Miniatures Neue Previews 01 Khurasan Miniatures Neue Previews 02

A third big wave of late 17th century is coming. Here are some grenadier alternatives, and a complete range of Caroline Swedes with Karpus and bandoliers is coming too. (The marching and standing Swedish pikes are shown here.) Also Swedish Horse with hat, breastplate, and long buff coat with turnbacks.

Khurasan Miniatures Neue Previews 04 Khurasan Miniatures Neue Previews 03

More previews of the Scanian War Caroline Swedish foot, this time the marching set (in blue, the uniform of the Vasterbottens infantry regiment) and the standing set (in green, the uniform of the Vastmanlanningar infantry regiment). These were the most popular poses when I released the first wave of generic european figurines, although we also did a combined set of Swedes shooting and at the ready, for the outliers who prefer that.

The Swedes got into the Dutch War reluctantly (the Scanian War at least started as an ancillary conflict to the Dutch War), and finances were never there to properly prosecute the war. And Sweden had to fight Denmark and emerging power Brandenburg/Prussia simultaneously, further complicating the operational picture. As a result, it’s the first war since the time of Gustavus in which Swedish arms seemed other than invincible on land, and in particular the defeat at Fehrbellin is celebrated as the birth of Prussian military power (and so indirectly the birth of a modern, unified Germany).

That said, Swedish troops, horse and foot, were still fearsome opponents, and in their distinctive karpus caps make a fascinating army to collect and game with. (Some Swedish units wore a hat instead but they seem to have been largely units raised in territories in German possessions.)


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