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Khurasan Miniatures: Neue Preview

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren ein neues Preview Bild auf Facebook.

Khurasan Miniatures Neue Preview

Here are three general figurines for the later 15th Century French ordonnance range. They are all wearing garments shown being worn by French noblemen from art of the period (fortunately it was an affluent period and there’s a lot of art).

The first codes to be released will be:

French gendarmes lance 45 degrees
French gendarmes lance upright
(Each available with armoured or unarmoured horses)
Francs archers longbow
Ordonnance archers (non-guard) longbow
Dismounted gendarmes with polearms

After that will come gendarme company commanders or other plate armoured horse with hand weapons, and the mounted command. Then command on foot and handgunners. And the range will be continually expanded. The range initially represents the period before the Archers became cavalry, up until the early 1480s, so mounted archers and Swiss are not on the drawing board … yet. 🙂


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