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HeresyLab: Charming Vault Preview

Da Tiere in D&D gerade so in Mode sind versucht sich HeresyLabs auch an dem Thema.

HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev01 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev02 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev03 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev04 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev05 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev06 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev07 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev08 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev09 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev10 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev11 HeresyLabs CharmingVault Prev12

Long story short… my oldest daughter started playing D&D with her friends. Yes D&D, they are new to it, and after a few games the HERESY „BIG“ GIRL asked me to create and print her the character she plays. But she wanted a cute animal… a rabbit Monk! Well we did it, and her friends when they saw it asked to get one also. Seems like they got pretty popular, and I said why not. This is how CHARMING VAULT Adventurers was born about 3 months ago. Now she is in charge of the project and we got a great artist to draw for us 12 characters for many races. Soon you will see more and more coming. Be prepared this may be our next KS….
Actually they are new to the game, and my self never had time to play it so I know some of the background but not all. Any player that can help me decide what characters should be done? Currently we are making a ASSASSIN, BARBARIAN, BARD, CLERIC, DRUID, FIGHTER, MONK, PALADIN, RANGER, SORCERER, WARLOCK and WIZARD for each group. Any ideas are welcome as usual.
We already made concepts for 120 characters in 10 races… 12 each.

These are THE MONGREL TYKES and will be followed by THE GLITTER CHARMS and THE TABBY GINGERS very soon.

Yes I spelled TIKES on the images but too tired to go back and correct it now 😏

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    Andererseits ist es ja irgendwie schön, dass dieses Hobby so groß und divers ist, dass auch cuddly wuddly chibi rpg stereotype anthropomorphic animals eine Sache sind.

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