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Hasslefree: Neue WIPs

Es gibt Neues von Kev Whites Schreibtisch.

HF Abercrombie Finish

Space Force Abercrombie, finished…..

Seen here with alternate sword hand and head. The purity seal is separate so you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

Everyone reading this must know how I feel about the person I’m parodying here – I’ve hardly made my contempt for him secret – however I feel like I’ve actually portrayed him quite fairly and made a decent miniature of him. No comedy camel-toe neck, no Russian symbology and no Kev-runes saying something rude

So you’re welcome

Edit: He’s 37mm tall, from the bottom of his magnetised boots to the tip of his spikes.

Double edit: If you’re an American voter who is either ambivalent towards him or supports him I would love to hear your views on this mini (just the mini, not actual policies or comments about libtards or snowflakes or rants about fake news.). Maybe share it on your walls so your friends can weigh in too (posted publicly so I can read the comments ) because I am aware of the dangers of echo chambers.

HF Chaos Dwarf Lord

Chaos Dwarf Lord, foot and mounted WIP…..

I’ve been faffing about with this guy for a while and, thanks to the awesomeness that is Space Force Abercrombie, I forgot to show you the start I made last week.

The idea of a Chaos Dwarf on a boar mount has been on my mind for around 30 years, ever since my passion for all things Stunty switched from Imperial Dwarves to Chaos (circa White Dwarf #86 I think) and I thought about recreating Lord Dorn (my boar mounted 2nd edition WFB Dwarf Major Hero – pics in post below and please excuse the dust but like I said he’s over 30 years old) in to a Chaos version.

Then I discovered girls and booze. Which turned in to women and more booze and employment at GW. And then came the dark days of what is known as The Big Hat Debacle and I forgot about Chaos Dwarves all together……… until Philip Hynes made a super lovely mutant boar and sold him to Hasslefree.

Phil’s mutant has been on my desk for around two years now, while I tried to figure out how I was going to use the model to do him justice. The model’s typically arrogant piggy trot has such lovely movement that I was reluctant to start working on him for fear of muting it, but that mental block somehow worked its way out a couple of weeks ago when dabbling with old Citadel minis caused me to dig out my old armies and I rediscovered my passion. So I made a start on the tack and armour on the boar and a matching pair of armatures for the foot and mounted versions.

Be forewarned, for soon, a reborn Lord Dorn will ride once more and crush all before him.

Kalee 75mm

Believe it or not, but this is the first 75mm Kalee WIP shot.

I want her to be standing on the skulls of her fallen enemies, so of course the first thing I need to make is a skull.

I’ll have castings made that I can cut up and customise so they’re all unique and then stick on a base.

HF Lord Dorn

Lord Dorn on foot, WIP…..

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